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Victoria Justice Photoshoot Fun
Victoria Justice Photoshoot FunI was nervous. Today could be a make or break day for me career wise. I've always dreamed of being a photographer for a magazine. I loved just flipping through the pages of a magazine, seeing all of the beautiful photos of various people. I dedicated my life to being a photographer and today was my big day.I have just landed my first photo shoot for my first magazine. Apparently Kode magazine got a hold of my portfolio and they were impressed . They got into contact with me and told me that they want to test me right away to see if I had what it takes to be in this business.They told me that they were having one of the biggest celebrity?s that they?ve ever had. I walked into the studio thinking it was going to be a celebrity that I?ve never heard of or they were a celebrity before my time. When I finally saw who it was, my jaw just dropped to the floor. It was Victoria Justice, one of my favourite all time actresses.I just stood there for a moment and admired her. She had just arrived from what my assistants were telling me. She had a huge smile on her face. Her hair had beautiful sexy blonde highlights in it, which just made her adorable face pop out. I got nervous as she approached me and put her hand out to shake mine.?Hello there, I?m Victoria. It?s very nice to meet you,?she said as I saw into her big beautiful eyes.?Hi. My name is Derek. Derek Santos.? I said as I shook her hand.?I?m a big fan of yours Miss Justice. It will be an honour to work with you.??Please, just called Victoria. You said you?re a fan?? Victoria said as her interest peaked.?Oh I was a big fan of Victorious and I love Eye Candy.? ?Thank you very much. I?m glad you?re a fan. This will make it a lot easier for me knowing that you actually like me,? Victoria said with a smile on her face. I was about to say something before Victoria was called back to her room by the make-up artists.?I have to go, but I?ll see you when I?m finished,? Victoria told me before she walked away to get her make-up done.I watched Victoria as she walked away. Her legs looked phenomenal as she walked away. I couldn?t help but stare at her cute little ass as it shook from side to side. I was usually prepared for anything that came with being a photographer, but I was not prepared to meet one of my c***dhood crushes, especially the one I had the biggest crush on.I needed to clear my mind, so I went to the set where we were going to take the photos. The set was absolutely breathtaking. It was just a plain white wall that we were taking the pictures on, but it was in a beautiful beach house that had a gorgeous view of the ocean from the windows. I was about to help finish setting the equipment for the shoot when I saw Victoria.She was looked absolutely stunning in her first outfit for the shoot. It was a blue top and white pair of pants. The top had the sides missing, which showed off Victoria?s stomach, as well as a good amount of side boob. The pants were white and tight, showing off the great ass that Victoria had. She walked over to me and spoke?So. What do you think?? Victoria said as she spun around bakırköy escort to give me the full view.?You look beautiful.? I replied.?Aw. Thank You. You?re so sweet.? Victoria said as she brushed her hair out of her face. She then looks at me and notices something on my shirt.?Oh, you have something on your shirt sleeve. Here, let me get it,? Victoria said as she wiped off whatever was on my sleeve. I noticed Victoria was taking her time taking her hand off of my arm.I think she was checking out my muscles. I don?t have overly big muscles, but I do have some muscles. Victoria had noticed that I had caught admiring my muscles. Her face turned red.?Sorry about that. I was just making sure I got all of it off your shirt,? Victoria said as she realize how dumb her excuse was.?It?s fine. Nothing wrong with making sure,? I said as I realized how stupid my response was. The conversation had stopped and it was awkward until the hair styler called Victoria in.?That?s for me. I should be back soon. See ya in a bit,? Victoria said as she walked away, letting me see that great backside jiggle on her way out.I felt something that I haven?t felt before. My heart was pumping and my palms were sweating. Was I falling in love with Victoria Justice? I shook my head and tried to make sense of my feelings, but I couldn?t think of anything. I took some deep breaths and helped the crew finish setting up the camera and the lights.It had been about an hour before Victoria came out of the hair styler?s room. Her had had gone from completely brown to having blonde highlights.?So do you just want me to stand here?? Victoria asked me.?Yeah, right there should be good,? I said as I grabbed her hips and positioned them where I wanted them to be for the shoot.As my hands positioned her hips, I could feel her body react to my touch. I swore I could feel her skin get the chills as I made contact. I wanted to move my hands and grab her incredible booty so much, but this was my chance to be a professional photographer and I didn?t want to blow it.I moved away from Victoria and went behind the camera. She started to do various poses as I began to take photo after photo. I could tell that Victoria was confident with her body. She was doing poses that most women wouldn?t feel as confident or as beautiful, but Victoria was owning it. It took around 30 minutes before I got all of the shots I needed.?That?s all we need in this outfit. You can go and put on the other one,? I said.?Ok, I?ll be back in a second.? Victoria said as she scooted off in her high heels. I looked into the camera?s memory and I was turned on by what I saw. I saw a beautiful young woman who felt sexy and confident in her own skin. If this didn?t turn any straight guy on I don?t know what would, until Victoria came out in her next outfit.My jaw nearly dropped to the floor as I saw the outfit they had her in next. She walked out of the dressing room wearing a tight leather one piece. Her legs were on full display as nothing covered them. Her gold high heels helped make her legs go on for miles.The leather beşiktaş escort one piece looked great on her,which by the way anything in leather looks fucking good on her, I could tell she had to be careful of how she moved in it or else she might accidentally flash her pussy to everyone. The leather one piece also gave a great view into her cleavage.Victoria went back to where she was standing before and I continued to take the photos. I lost a little focus trying to stop myself from getting a boner, but I was able to get the shots that I wanted.Before I knew it, our time was up and the crew started to pack up, I turned around for just a second to answer a question and when I turned around, Victoria was gone. I was dissapointed, but I understood she had a very busy schedule. The crew had finished cleaning and packing. Before I knew, I was the only one still there. Or so I thought.I sat down on the couch that was there and opened my computer .I opened Photo Shop to edit the photos of Victoria. I started working on the photos when I heard a voice.?Mind if I take a look?? Victoria asked as I jumped.?Oh I?m so sorry. I didn?t mean to scare you,? she said.?It?s fine. You just caught me off guard. Sit down if you want,? I said, noticing she was still wearing the leather one piece outfit. I offered the other side of the couch to her and she sat down.?I thought you had already left.? I said.?I wanted to see what the final photos looked like, so I just hid until everyone left.? Victoria explained to me.?So let?s see some of those photos,? Victoria said as scooted closer to me. Victoria and I went through each photo and we commented on the photos.?I love this one, it shows how confident you are,? I said to Victoria as I showed her my favourite photo.?You think I look confident in this photo?? She asked.?No. I think you look confident, strong, sexy, powerful, and beautiful. The light is hitting you perfectly here.? I said as I showed her what I meant. Victoria suddenly grabbed my computer and placed it on the table.?What are you do? was all I could say before Victoria grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues start to message each other before she lays on top of me. She stops kissing me for a second. She goes down to my jeans and pulls down my pants and my underwear, leaving me completely bottomless. I start to take off my shirt while Victoria tries to unzip her outfit. She keeps trying until she has to ask for help.?Can you help me get this off?? She asks.I grab the zipper and slowly unzip the one piece. Victoria lets the one piece just slide off of her body. Her fully naked body is on display. As I stand there in awe of her naked body, Victoria gets on her knees and puts my 7 inch cock into her mouth.She used her tongue and slurped my cock up and down. I felt like I was going to blow any minute. Victoria started to lick my cock like an ice cream cone before I felt that feeling.?I?m gonna cum,? I said as I exploded in Victoria?s mouth. She showed me all of the semen in her moth and gulped it down. Victoria then sat down on the couch and beylikdüzü escort spread her legs as far and obscenely as possible.?It?s my turn,? she cooed as I stuff my face into her wet pussy.I gave a lick along the entire length of Victoria?s aching wet pussy, making her let out a loud, whimpering moan. I use my tongue to lick away as the inside of Victoria lady lips as she starts grinding her lower half across my face as she continued to be eaten out.I found Victoria?s clit and I forcefully began to squeeze and rub her clit between her thumb and index finger with her free hand. I took my long fingers and furiously jabbed them in and out of Victoria. Victoria begins moving herself in rhythm to my movements. Victoria could feel herself approaching climax, knowing that she was going to cum at any second.I inserted a third finger into Victoria?s snatch and she lost control. Victoria?s cum oozed out of her cunt and into my mouth. It tasted so sweet. I drank it all straight from the source. As soon as she stops oozing, I stick my now hard again dick into her.?Oh yeah. Fuck me harder. Use that big fucking cock.? Victoria moaned as I continued to pump in and out of her. I look down and see Victoria?s body bouncing to the rhythm of my cock as she starts to tug and pull at her hardening nipples. Our skin starts to smack together as we continue to fuck like wild a****ls. I?m about to cum again when I feel her walls tightening around my cock.?Cum with me baby. I?m on the pill just cum with me,? Victoria screams as we both climax at the same time. Our sex fluids are dripping everywhere as we continue to release cum. We both catch our breath and look into each other?s eyes.?That was amazing,? Victoria says.?Thanks. You were really good,? I really.I look at the clock and notice it?s five minutes until 10 o?clock.?Oh shit!? I say as I run over to the computer.?What?s wrong?? Victoria asks in a concerned manner.?I was supposed to have all of the photos edited by 10. Shit! I?m just going to send them as they are,? I say as I send all of the photos to the company.?I?m so sorry, I feel so bad,? Victoria says before I interrupted.?Don?t be, I needed that,? I said before giving her a passionate kiss.?I would love to do it again, but I?m heading out of the country in the morning,? Victoria says as she goes to her purse and pulls out a card.?Here?s my number. I love to see you again,? Victoria says as she hands me the card.?Thanks. I?d love to see you again too,? I said as Victoria as she put on her clothes.As she went to the door, she said, ? I?ll call you as soon as I get back. I can?t wait to see you again Derek,? Victoria said.?Until next time Victoria? I said.With that Victoria left. I went home and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning and checked my voicemail.?Hello Mr. Santos, this Dale Thanes, CEO of Kode magazine. I just wanted to say that we loved the photos and we are publishing them in next month?s issue. Congratulations, you?re a professional photographer.?I jumped around for joy and called all of my friends so we could go out to celebrate. Later that night, I?m at the party when I get a text message."Hey, I got back in town before I thought I would. How about we got get dinner and a movie tomorrow night. 7 sound go to you? ?That sounds go to me.? I replied. I got the job I?ve always wanted and a beautiful girl that loves me, it seemed like everything was going my way, and I loved it.

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