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first time with gorgeous CD

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first time with gorgeous CDBack in the early 80's before I was using the internet as a masturbation aid, all I really had was VHS video porn and dirty magazines. 1-900 Phone sex was all the rage at the time. Tranny, shemale porn was really cumming along. I remember when Hustler mag first starting showing a picture of a shemale and her little cock in the advertisement section. It was such a turn on for me. I used to jerk to the tits and pussies and cum to the shemale pic. This was the time when I really started becoming interested in cocks as well as my usual passion for the beautiful female body.I had a house I was renting and my roommate took a position out of town and moved out. Financially, I needed a new roomy. Word of mouth got me nowhere so I took an ad ln the local newspaper with some details about the house and my contact phone number.Immediately, I kept getting these phone calls from guys, some obviously jerking off and wanting to engage in phone sex. At first I was not happy with the intrusion but after a few calls it got to be a turn on for me. It just seemed that the calls were always at a bad time when I could not participate. Had no luck finding anyone for a roommate so I put another ad in the paper, this time with the part of town I lived in. The perv calls continued. One Saturday morning, having partied the night before, I woke up late with a raging hardon that needed attention. As I laid there, stroking my cock, the phone rang and the voice on the other end was very feminine sounding but was obviously a male. He wanted more info on the house and said that he and his sister were interested. Thinking he was probably just another perv, I started talking dirty. I said "you know I'm just laying in bed here playing with my hard cock". The line went silent for a few seconds until he said, I'm sorry do you want me to call back? I said "no, I like your voice, keep talking to me while I stroke". He talked about the apartment he and his sister was living in and why they had to move. I asked him how old he was and about istanbul escort his sex life. He said he was 19 and did not have much sex at all. He then admitted that he liked to dress up as a girl in private, that his sister helped him pick out clothes and put on makeup. My cock started leaking. I told him how exciting that was for me. That it was one of my fantasies to be with someone dressed as a girl. I asked him how big his cock was and he said it was very small, that he was embarrassed about it and that was one of the reasons he never really had any sexual activity with anyone else. He really opened up to me and was very sincere. I asked him what he was wearing and he said just panties but his sister picked out a sundress for him and had already done his makeup before she left for work. I said it sounds like you are getting ready to go out and he said he had never been out of the apartment dressed like that. He just liked doing it for himself, made him feel good. We chatted for a long time and we both seemed to garner some trust. I asked him if he wanted to meet and talk about the apartment. He said he would like that and I said I would meet him but only if he came out in his dress. He said that he really liked talking to me and he would meet me. I suggested we meet at a local Wendy's parking lot and he agreed. We set a time and I got up, showered with a hard cock the whole time thinking about our upcumming rendezvous.He gave me a description of the car he would be in and I was on my way. He was exactly where we agreed upon meeting. I parked next to him and motioned for him to come into my car.which he did. He/She was more beautiful, feminine and sexy than I could ever imagine. At first it was very awkward. He was shy, I was much older than him. Besides his sister, he said I was the first one to ever see him dressed up. I told him how beautiful I thought she was and how it was ok for us to meet like this. We talked for a good while and we both became avcılar escort more comfortable with each other. Eventually, I put my hand on her knee and slowly worked it up and under her sundress to her inner thigh and asked her if he wanted to visit the house. He agreed and I drove us both the short distance to my house.I gave him the grand tour and then offered her a drink and invited her to sit with me on the couch. She said she did not drink alcohol but would have ice water. We sat on the couch and I started asking him questions about his cross dressing and such and he told me that as long as he could remember, he always wanted to be a girl. His streaked brown hair was natural, not very long but not too short, fit her very well. She was tiny with a gorgeous face, good looking body under a very sexy sundress. Looked like she had little boobs too that made me very curious and horny. Her legs looked a little long for her short frame. They were on the skinny side, well shaven, very feminine and so soft to the touch. My hand stayed on her legs the whole time we talked. I told her about all the weirdo phone calls I was getting from the ad and how her call was at the perfect time and how horny her voice made me. She blushed and admitted that it had made her horny too. I slowly reached for her inner thigh again and I leaned over and started kissing.her neck. She sighed her approval and slightly opened her legs a little wider. I purposely did not touch her cock right away but just caressed all around it. She was starting to squirm and my cock was dripping again. I could feel the dampness in my boxers. Never in my life did I ever think I would kiss a guy but she was more girl than boy and so beautiful, I started by licking and gently biting her sexy lips, than I slipped my tongue onto hers. She was a great kisser and I told her so, She shyly admitted that her sister had taught her how to kiss. That was hot. I reached for her sundress at the shoulders and slowly pulled the dress down, exposing şirinevler escort a beautiful surprise. She had gorgeous little puffy titties. I moaned at the sight of them and immediately started kissing and sucking on them. She loved all the attention and it was obvious she was extremely turned on. After about a good half hour of kissing her sexy mouth and tits, I asked if she would mind taking off the dress. She said ok but only if I undressed as well. I got naked really fast. She stood up, took off her dress and stood there in front of me with her panties still on. I was sitting on the couch, she was standing with her panties right by my face. I saw a very small bulge under her panties. I wrapped my arms around her ass and pulled her closer to me and I started mouthing the bulge through her panties. She seemed a little uncomfortable and said "I told you it was small". I told her that I had never sucked a cock before and that I was more attracted to smaller cocks than big ones. She smiled as I lowered and took off her panties. Her cock was VERY small. She was hard and I doubt it was more than 3 inches long but very beautiful and soo sexxxy. She had very small balls too. I could put both his balls and his tiny cock in my mouth at once. She loved it when I did that, so much so that she told me she would cum if I continued. AND I DID. I grabbed her ass with both hands, one finger around her little asshole and I slobbered her cock and balls in my mouth until I could feel her entire body tighten up and she started squealing and cumming in my mouth. I gagged and then only kept her cock in my mouth, swallowing her load at the same time. Her legs were quivering and she eventually collapsed on the couch. She laid there seemingly in extacy fondling her cock and balls. I stood over her, jerking my cock. She looked up at me and said "oh please cum for me, I want your cum". She just laid there looking so sexxy, moaning and begging for my load. I exploded on her tits, neck and face. She bent forward, took my cock in her mouth and sucked the rest of my cum out of my cock. The I rested my body on top of hers and started kissing her puffies again, One was covered in my cum which I sucked into my mouth and we kissed a very passionate, very wet kiss.I took her back to her car after a while and never talked or ever saw her again...except for in my continued fantasies...
22 Kasım 2021, at 23:12

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