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admin 23 Kasım 2021 00:21

Mom Saga (The beginning)
Mom Saga (The beginning)Growing up in my house, it was completely normal for me to see my mother in various stages of dress. I never gave it a second thought. it was nothing for her to walk around in just a bra and panties (even when my friends were over). It was commonplace for me to walk in the bathroom to brush my teeth and mom was taking a shower or a bath. She made a lame attempt to cover up sometimes, but never put much effort into it. Again, I never gave it a second thought.Mom became a Catholic Nun after high school. While serving the Church, she met Dad and her priorities changed. She left the Church, got married, went to college and started a family. My Mom was great! She was always involved in our activities and was a ?Band Mom?, ?Soccer Mom? and a Girl Scout Leader for my sisters troop. Mom was involved in the PTA and other ?feel good? organizations. Mom and Dad were always involved heavily in the Church. Mom serves on the ?Board? and teaches Sunday School often. We were raised in a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood and never lacked anything. Mom and Dad both made a great living in their professional occupation. Like I said, I never thought much of anything until after high school. Most parents anadolu yakası escort started to pull away from their k**s? lives, but my Mom seemed to get more involved. The summer after my high school graduation, Mom was always offering to host ?get-togethers? for my friends either at our home or at our cabin in West Virginia. I ALWAYS had friends over. One particular weekend, Mom took me and four of my buddies to the cabin. During our time there (after a few glasses of wine), Mom suggested we all go night swimming at the lake. We all got ready and started the short walk to the lake. It was very bright as there was a full moon. When we got to the dock, my one buddy said ?This would be a great night to skinny-dip if Mom wasn?t here? and he laughed. (All of my friends called my mother...."Mom").On the dock, Mom said ?Don?t let me ruin things?.My mother rapidly removed her bikini top and pulled her bottoms off, followed by a quick cannonball in the water. She started treading water facing away from the dock.This caught me off guard totally. I just stood there quiet and motionless. My friend Randy ripped his swimsuit off and jumped in the water yelling ?C?mon you ataşehir escort pussies?!We all got naked and jumped in the water. My four friends kept hovering around my Mom in the water as I stayed near the dock. Mom and my friends were splashing water on each other, chatting about nothing special. This is the moment I quietly thought ?This is weird?. Mom was 51 years old at the time and we were all 18, except for Paul who was 19.Mom is 5?2 (on a good day) and the water is about five foot deep. My best friend Paul is 6?2?. He was standing on his feet while Mom kept treading water. Mom looked at Paul and said ?I?m getting tired, hold me up for a little bit?. She turned her back to him and he pulled her against his body, wrapping his arms (I am guessing) around her abdomen. She settled back against him and was not treading water anymore. Her nude body was definitely against his nude body. They stayed like this for over 15 minutes.I felt uneasy to say the least, but didn?t say anything.We all played ?Marco-Polo?, splashed around some more. After about an hour, it was getting cold and we all decided to go back to the cabin and make a fire in the fire pit.As we all exited the water, ümraniye escort my buddies had their eyes all locked on Mom. It didn?t seem to bother her at all as she slowly grabbed towel and dried off. Mom?s nipples were hard as rocks and stood out straight. Randy was drying himself off when I saw (as did everyone else) he had an erection. He didn?t try to hide it. Mom walked over to Randy and jokingly slapped his cock saying ?Put that thing away?.We all started the walk back to the cabin. Mom and Paul were leading the way by about 20 yards. Aaron whispered to me, ?Dude, your Mom shaves her pussy bald?. I smacked him on the back of his head saying ?Knock it off man?.We got back to the property. Aaron, Sam and I started working on making a fire. About 50 yards away, Mom, Paul and Randy went to the hot tub on the deck and fired it up.Mom got naked AGAIN and slithered into the hot tub. Randy and Paul both dropped their trunks and followed in after her.The fire was going pretty good and I felt the need to go see what was going on. My head was spinning a bit because I didn?t know what to do. As I walked on to the deck, Mom asked my to get her a glass of wine. I went inside and got her wine. As I was taking it out to her they were all exiting the hot tub and getting dressed. ?Thanks babe?, Mom said as I handed her the wine. The rest of the night was pretty normal and everyone remained dressed.That night bothered me for a long time, but nothing else was ever said by my friends. Eventually, I forgot about it....until....THE DISCOVERY!

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