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OrgiaIt was Friday, Manuel arrived on time, picked me up in his car, had called me two days earlier telling me that I was going to spend a b**stly weekend, I had just come out of a serious health problem even though I was already recovered, the truth is that my body needed a party- Hello bitch! How's that? That I don't know he's lacking in love.- hello bastard, my ass wanting to party, are you going to feed him?- you're going to get fed up, don't worry.- Where are you taking me? I don't trust you at all. - let's go close, you'll see. He drove to the outskirts, we left Seville and we took direction Merida, when we reached the crossing of the Pajanosas we left the highway and we entered an urbanization of very charming houses that advertised a golf course, we stopped in front of one of those houses.- We're here, bitch, get off.- Who lives here?- an old companion.It smelled like a fireplace, wooded, it was cold and the truth is that I wanted to sit in front of a good fire. We knocked on the door, in the house next door barked a dog, they opened the gate and we entered, there was very well-kept lawns and some arriates with freshly pruned rose bushes, at the door of the house we were waiting for a man dressed in a tracksuit, would be the age of Manuel , also very strong although somewhat lower, very short grey hair, very careful beard and well trimmed, was attractive, very attractive. - hello Carlitos, we're here- friend Manuel, you arrive just in time. Carlos and Manuel merged into a hug, immediately turned to me- Carlos, this is my friend Einar, I have promised him an unforgettable weekend, you know... - Manuel winked at him.- hello Einar, - Carlos shook my hand tightly- Manuel has told me about you, don't worry, you're going to have a good time, come on, come on. The villa was tastefully decorated, Carlos made us go to the living room where the fire was burning in a fireplace, so the house was heated. - Leave your luggage here, then I will indicate your bedrooms. Salva's downstairs, I'll be right thereI went behind Manuel up the stairs, we went down to the basement, there was a full-fledged bar, high stools, shelves with various bottles, bottlers, a beer shooter, several armchairs around a low table, a grammar in a corner (sounded the dark side of the moon), a pool table in the center and an iron stove in another corner that kept the atmosphere at a very pleasant temperature. Behind the bar was a man who smiled when he saw Manuel.- Hello Daddy- Hi honey, look, this is Einar, Einar, meet Salva. Salva was an individual younger than me, I would be around forty years old, agitated, dark, black eyes, very attractive, I stared at him undisguised, at that moment Carlos came down. - Well what, shall we start? -We started what? - I asked. Manuel had sat on one of the bar stools -- your crazy weekend -- said- how? - I saidManuel stared at me, pulled out his most authoritarian voice, the one that makes me horny like a whore.- Naked faggot. - But.. - I said undress, I'm not going to tell you again. - come on bitch - Carlos interjectedI looked at Salva, smiled sarıyer escort and watched me -- do as you're told bitch -- he told meI started undressing, looking at each other as I was stripping my clothes until I was completely naked. " Put your hands on the golf bar, Carlos told me, open your legs well, come on, bend overHe came up to me from behind, put his hands on my shoulders, walked his arms with them, passed them down my sides to my hips, then he put them up and pinched my nipples. - uuuuuugh - my cock was starting to animate- Do you like slut?He slipped his hands back down my sides to my hips, took one of them forward and grabbed my erect cock, - go with the bitch - crouched down running down my legs as if she were slamming me. - crouch whore, with your legs open, I want to see that you don't hide anythingI did what I was told and when I crouched down I found the tip of his shoe that stroked my sphout, a wave of pleasure traveled my back. Meanwhile, Manuel had completely undressed, sat on the stool, looked at me as he massaged his cock with his beautiful balls in the seat, Salva had come out from behind the bar and was also naked, he was an athletic uncle, very brown-skinned , was not as hairy as Manuel but he did have hair from his chest to the balls. " come bitch, -- Manuel told me -- suck my dick. I did not do myself to repeat it, I pounced on his cock, I took his huge balls with his hand and put the tip of my tongue on his glans, slipped it all over his venous trunk, sucked and bit his balls, I went back up the trunk, licked the whole glans and with my tongue out i I stuck his cock in his mouth to the bell, I started a swing with my head sticking and pulling out his cock while he held his balls. - aaaaaaahhh bitch, as you know how to suck a cock. - grown, argh - growls me increasing the swing of my head by tucking and pulling that prodigious cock into my mouth. - Uuufffff, follow bitch, follow follow aaahhhh, swallow her whore, she's all yours, you slutty sucker. - slurpp slurpp slurpp, I'm going to leave you dry bastard - I said taking out his limb and starting to masturbate it with my hand. - with not bitch hand, keep that mouth. Salva at that moment took me by the hips and made me get up, with his foot separated my legs, opened my buttocks with his hands leaving my anus in sight, I noticed the tip of his tongue in my sphother, I tried to penetrate it with it , I would shyd him, lick my slit to return to the sphinter, then go down the perineum until he reached the scrotum, lick my testicles and climb back into the anus. - uuuuffffff, uuufffff. - Do you really like bitch? I took Manuel's cock out of my mouth and looked back, Salva had a wild erection, his cock was almost as long as Manuel's and thicker, a real cock. - Fuck you spend my gypsy, fuck me gypsy, fuck me please give me your dick. Salva didn't talk, now he was biting my buttocks as he got his fingers into my anus, first one, then two and soon three, he was insalating and burning, he esenyurt escort had his anus open waiting for his shit, his fingers were doing his job well. - Fuck me motherfucker, fuck me gypsy bastard, put it already son of a bitchAt that moment I saw Charles who had lost sight, was sitting on one of the armchairs watching the show, was naked, he was as hairy as Manuel, he had pink nipples and a cock that he grabbed with both hands, long and thick, so thick that he was sure wouldn't fit in my ass.- keep swallowing faggot - Manuel grabbed me by the hair again and put his cock back in my mouth, with his hand began to set the pace of the felation by sticking his limb up to my balls.Salva pulled his fingers out of my ass, stood up, placed his glans in my circle and began to penetrate me slowly, recreating himself.- uuuuuuuuugh, what a piece of ass you got, faggot.- aaargh, aaaaaaaargh - Salva's cock was opening me, I noticed my ass dilating to the passage of that monster that threatened to reach my bowels, I couldn't scream because I had Manuel's dick in my mouth. Salva stopped for a moment, my sphinter was throbbing and he was letting him mold his huge limb, suddenly, from a stroke of his hips tucked his cock to his balls, the onslaught made Manuel's cock almost drown me. - aaahhhh Einar, what a bitch you are, I'm going to fill your guts with semen. - Do you like the little bitch I brought Salva- I love Daddy, I'm going to blow this bitch's pussy. - I told you she was a real bitch- uffffff, what a pussy.Salva started to get his dick out of my ass, very slowly at first to increase the pace. Manuel pulled his tail out of my mouth and rose from the stool letting him lean on it- aaaaaayyy, aaaayyy my ass, bastard, you're smashing me, dog, go on, don't stop gypsy bastard, go on.Salva slashed with the onslaughts, her huge cock came in and out tirelessly making me sometimes tiptoe, I could hear it snort, sweat ran down my back and legs while the huge cock seemed to want to reach my bowels.- Plaf Plaf Plaf, -- his pelvis hit my buttocks- you bastard, you bastard, you kill me son of a bitch, you kill me - bitch bitch, I'm going to bust you slut, take it- Ay, ay, ayyyyyyyySalva struck with hips that almost put his balls in me, I noticed his cock swelling and as he let loose a huge squirt of burning lefa inside me, he let go of several minor jets while squeezing his pelvis against my buttocks. He pulled his limb out of my sore ass with a plop and without giving me time to react, Manuel, who had occupied his position, shoved his cock in one stroke.- Aaaaayyyy aaaaaayyy, you bastard you kill me, my ass, my ass - choff choff choff - Manuel's cock coming in and out made the splashing noise with Salva's semen - do you like true pig?, you like to get your ass busted.- aaaaaaahhh, aaaayyyyyy, my ass, my ass, it hurts, it hurts bastard. Manuel grabbed my hips tightly, got in and pulled out his cock without mercy, I had my body supported on the stool, my legs bent down on my knees and he kept ramming my poor ass- whore, avrupa yakası escort whore, whore - plof plof plof- here, pig, take shit. - ay bastard, ayyyyy, as you have me, my legs do not support me, aaaayyyy, aaah, my legs, aaayyyy my ass, aaaayyyyyyMy legs were shaking and he kept his swing, my sphinter was burning, all of a sudden, I had a brutal orgasm and I started to drop my semen on the ground. - uuuuuuhhhh I cum, motherfucker, you made me cumshot. - you've cumshot sore. Manuel gave me a brutal onslaught by holding my hips tightly and started cum deep in my ass.- uuuuuffffff, faggot, fucked. - you've smashed my ass, motherfucker - I fell to my knees down, drenched in sweat, with sphoning burning.- Come here - I had forgotten about Carlos who had remained in the armchair contemplating the show - you're not done yet. - no please, no - come baby, come with daddyHe helped me get in, drove me to the pool table and made me lay on my back, ass on edge.- wow bitch, you've got the sphinter dilated and my teammates have been in charge of lubricating it for me. - no please, another cock no, that's huge. - I noticed the semen coming out of my ass. Carlos grabbed me by both legs and pulled me to put my ass even more to the edge of the table, opened them and placed his glans in my sfinter- Please don't, no, you're going to smash me with that. - let's go bitch, relax, you'll see how good you have. He put his hands on my corvas and took my legs to my chest, began to penetrate me slowly, very slowly, my sore anusise did not give in immediately allowing passage to such a monster. - ayyyyyyyy my pussy, ayyyyyyy y ayyyyyyyy, you shred me - come on bitch, I'm going to smash that pussy, I'm going to get you pregnantWhen the huge glans came in stopped so that my ass would adapt, I was already crying with pain and pleasure, three males were giving me the fuck of my life. - aaaayyyyy, my ass, it burns me, you bastards. - come bitch, don't you want my semen? - again began to squeeze, sticking the trunk of his huge cock, I thought my sphinter wouldn't hold, it was out of me. - you see, that's it -- his cock had entered whole. - yes, fuck me motherfuck, fuck me up the ass- you're going to get out of here fed up, you're going to take the sore pussy, bitch- aaaayyyy Manuel bastard, aaaayyyyy my ass. You've deceived me- come on whore, you like what we do to you, you were looking forward to having three males for you alone slut. - you're killing me, you bastards, fuck me, fuck me.Carlos started with the swing, he would shove his cock to the balls and then pull it out completely to, with a new stroke of k**neys put it back in me, he acquired a fast pace, sweating and snapping and while I would soon ask him to take out that cock that was busting me as I begged him to stick it to me to the bottom. Manuel and Salva got on the table each on one side masturbating, I also masturbate. - oooohhhh whore, oooohhhh, I cum, I cum bitch, I'm going to get you that pussy. - ahh huh, you cumshot, fill me with your cumshot. I couldn't take it anymore, the masturbation that was making me worked and ejaculate on my belly, while, Salva and Manuel ejaculated one after the other on my face and chest, Carlos gave one last onslaught and flooded my entrails with their semen. It took me a while to recover, I was left lying on the pool table, covered in semen and sweat, with my legs dangling and the lemph of the three coming out of my scallopd
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