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Me And My Bangalore Days ? Part 2

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Me And My Bangalore Days ? Part 2deleteddeleteddeletedThanks for all the lovely mails and few good men in my hangout whom I have gone real nasty with in last few days. Am even planning to be in Kerala sometime next month to fulfill a long term fantasy . Will write about it once am done experiencing it.Well now that am here I will continue where I left it last time and tell you guys what happened next and how I enjoyed the taboo life that I was into. Be sure to read the first two parts for the new readers in order to enjoy fully.Well as the stage was set for me inside the room for my dance with a audience of three cheap n dirty looking men in dirty lungi and shirt on the bed and the room filled with the damp smell of sweat..alcohol and raw sex. The walls were so dirty with gutkha stains all over the peeled paints. I felt so cheap and raw standing in the middle with just that filmsy thin top that hardly covered my protruding nipples with a plunging neckline and a very short skirt with all my thighs exposed and without any panty..I was already feeling stark naked inside the room. They had their eyes glued on me while the owner played the loud Telugu song which I understood nothing but the loud music.I started dancing and gyrating to the tunes and with provocative steps to show them as much skin as possible out of watever i was wearing. Within minutes the helper came and started dancing with me and touched and pressed me wherever he wanted to. With me giving free access he started undressing me and out came my top. Mmmmmm ?I was filled with nothing but pure raw lust with just a short skirt till my thighs and nothing but naked boobs jiggling to my shakes and me giving all the suggestive provocative moves. The song ended and the owner asked me to open the skirt and change into a towel and dance with the towel on. I sheepishly agreed with full excitement in my heart. He gave me a very thin n dirty towel and asked me to change while he and the others opened few more bottles of beer and started drinking more. I opened the skirt in front of them and wrapped the towel like a cheap whore with no shame. Mmm ..I like it that way.They played the next song and I started my dance again?and this time it became more raw with me occasionally opening the towel during the dance and giving them a free show and sometimes going and sitting on their lap while they rub my body and kiss my boobs and rub my ass. Ahhhhh ? can?t explain the feeling of getting used up that way?the cheap way. I liked the whore inside me. Within few minutes i just threw the towel on the face of the owner and started dancing stark naked with all the erotic poses and suggestive ways possible..giving them full access to my naked body however they wanted. It was helluva party there.After nearly 4 to 5 songs they wanted to go to the next level and start fucking me. I could sense it easily as by now the helper and the driver was completely naked and had huge black throbbing kadıköy escort cock in their hand which they were stroking. I knew this was the time for me to turn to a total cheap nasty slut and do whatever they wanted. But I was apprehensive about safety and the disease factor too so I asked them to use condom please so that we all can enjoy tension free. To my utter surprise they actually agreed and I didn?t have to pursue more on this. I was prepared for this since evening so carried a large pack of kohinoor condoms with me in my skirt pocket. I took it out and kept it on the bed.The helper came close and lifted me up in his shoulder and just threw me on the bed.. mmmmmm ..he was so reeking of alcohol and gutkha from his mouth. I felt so cheap. Once on the bed the owner caught hold of my face and started smooching me with all the saliva in his mouth. Mmmmmn ?that was real nasty I must say. While he was smooching me I felt someone parting my legs and get in between my legs and started lapping my wet pussy with all the vigor? ahhhhh?it was so heavenly and taboo.I couldn?t even look down as the driver just took my mouth and shoved his hard black cock with full pubic hair in my mouth and gaped me badly. It was so damn thick and smelled of dry urine and sweat. I went on sucking deeply and gave a damn to the smell. Ahhhhhh ?he went on fucking my filthy mouth while the owner went on sucking my boobs and press them hard. The helper was busy sucking my pussy juice which was oozing with my juice. We were sweating like mad and the whole room was reeking of sex.The driver brought the beer bottle kept next to him and made me take a gulp from it and then again shoved his cock inside my filthy mouth. Mmmnnn?.next the owner and the driver changed their position and the owner came and sat on my face and made me lick his ass by parting his ass cheeks. Ahhhh?it was just too dirty and smelly. But the d**gged that I was I didn?t care for anything and started taking deep breath to smell the shithole before licking deep inside.The driver on the other hand playing with my sweaty body rubbing his cock all over. Next the helper got up and they all three made me in doggy style and the owner came from back..wore the condom and started fingering my wet pussy before the final act. While the helper now came in front and shoved his hard smelly black cock on my face and asked me to suck it?I took it in my palm and lowered its foreskin and started smelling it from head to bottom and occasionally licking the tip. And then slowly taking it deep in mouth and started sucking hard.In the meantime the owner by now have entered my pussy from back and started giving big thrusts and fucking me like a mad doggy. The driver was just standing next to the helper n stroking himself while watching my naked body swinging with each thrust from the fucking and üsküdar escort my boobs swaying in motion. Ahhhhh?I wanted it to go on and on?they took turns in going on fucking and spanking my ass cheeks and also spit on my face while I was sucking their tool?I loved the humiliation?in no time I felt while fucking my wet and nasty used pussy the owner started fingering my asshole and deeply inserting his finger inside?I understood they wanna fuck my asshole too. I knew this was coming and was surely ready for it.Within no time the owner took out the cock from my pussy and slowly started moving it at the entrance to.my shithole?I took some saliva from my mouth by spitting on my finger and used it to further lubricate my nasty asshole for easy gliding of his cock?.they had all the nasty names for me while in the act.calling me all the adjectives and words that one can imagine. I loved the nasty and me totally. In few minutes the owner had his full cock inside me and me giving out loud moans and to suppress that the other two had their cocks in my mouth turn by turn and also started slapping my face and boobs and making them red. Ahhhhhh?.After some whore worship they now needed to get relieved and turn by turn wanted me to take the cum out of their hard cock. I obeyed them like a slave and started sucking them turn by turn as they surrounded me. The helper had his condom on and made me suck his tool with the rubber on. Within few minutes of hard sucking I had the owner fill up my nasty mouth with a mouthful of warm cum which was so sticky and thick. I couldn?t take it all in my mouth and little bit of it kept dripping from my lips and fall on my naked boobs. I swallowed whatever I could and the rest fell on my chest. The driver cummed and filled my boobs and face with his sperm load and made my face look so whorish?..ahhhh..just loved it.After all this when the helper started whimpering and I knew he was about to cum inside the condom I kept sucking more and more and in no time he gave a loud moan and started filling up the condom with his thick sperm. After this he rolled out the condom from his prick and gave it to me to do the necessary. Like a obedient slut I took it with a smile on my face and winked him and just started eating the cum load from the condom. Ahhhhh..just loved the smell and taste of what was on my face, body and mouth. I rubbed all the cum on my boobs and face and massaged it by looking at their faces and giving it all the provocative poses possible.After this the helper got up and said he wanted to piss and went out. Even the owner and driver too wanted to have a smoke and asked me to come out with them?I agreed and went to take my clothes but they objected and told its not needed as its already 2.30 in the night and pitch dark outside with no one at all except them. So I anyways didn mind much as I liked staying naked in the open. They just wore tuzla escort their lungi and came out with me. As soon as I came out the cool winds just pinched my nude body and I felt it great after the wonderful fuck inside the dingy room. The three men started smoking and also gave me one cigarette to smoke. I took and started smoking with them standing all naked proud of my nude self. Felt so free?Then I said I needed to piss and went just beside the bush near the house and sat and started pissing?they also came beside me and was just standing and watching me?I felt so cheap and dirty doing it in front of them?.ahhhhhhhm?.suddenly I felt some warm liquid on my neck and on body and saw them pissing on me?.ufffffff?I cannot explain here the sudden feel of excitement and dirty lust inside me watching myself bathing in their warm piss out in the open.The driver was trying to piss on my face and make me taste..I didnt mind and wanted it all and make it as dirty as possible and opened my mouth and started taking his warm piss in my mouth and gulping down as much as possible. Once they finished emptying their tank I was left all nasty and smelly with their piss all over myself..I felt a different self having bathed in those cheap men?s pee?ahhhhhI got up and stood there for sometime and they kept talking and called me all the nasty words?the piss started drying up on my body and I didnt mind washing it up?but the owner asked me to clean up and wash myself before getting in the room as I was smelling and reeking of piss. They took me to a hand tube well within the compound and I walked there and sat beside the tube well. The helper pumped and took out water and filled the bucket. I just wanted to finish bathing fast as it was quite cold outside and I was shivering. So just finished my bath out in the open in front of them while the helper pumped the water for me. The owner went inside and brought that dirty towel and asked me to dry up. I dried myself and wrapped the towel and came inside with them.Once inside I opened the towel and took my top and skirt and wore them.We decided to sleep for the night and all three of us got into a blanket and I slept like a log with the three of them. The driver kept fidgeting with my boobs inside the blanket till I fell asleep.In the morning I got up..went outside and found the usual dhaba scene with a little crowd of trucks and cars stopping by for a break. Saw the area where I took the piss bath and the tube-well where I bathed in the open in front of them. Ahhhh?.I just loved every bit of it. I loved being the whore all night. Still with no bra or panty I came inside the dhaba and joined the driver and helper in the family room for breakfast.After a brief breakfast they dropped me at the same place on the highway from where they picked me up last night before bidding me goodbye with a nice smooch from both and rubbing of my boobs over my top. I came back to my flat..locked the door and sat on the bed in the room looking straight into the mirror opposite to the bed and started appreciating the whorish look in me with those clothes on?ahhhhhh?it was just the perfect night for me and wanted more and more of these adventures everyday. Yes I loved being a whore and want to be a whore all my life if getting cheap cocks is what satisfies my nasty cunt.
23 Kasım 2021, at 01:07

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