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I Need 30 Comments to Bang This Woman!!!

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I Need 30 Comments to Bang This Woman!!!Guys, this sweet ass could be mine to bang on Friday, but I need your help. Read the story and you will understand! PLEASE HELP, BECAUSE I DEFINITELY NEED THIS WOMAN!!!!Not all of my weeks where I am conducting training start with a late afternoon wine and dine cocktail and appetizer get together, but then I am not always training execs for a fortune 100 company either.Anyway, I met Arbi this afternoon. She was born in Europe and has the aristocratic features of royalty in her face and a body that even in her 40's is sexy, hot and tempting. I saw her approaching me from across the room. Her blonde hair fell down across her shoulders in thick waves of curls. She was staring at me with a wicked fire in her eyes and a smile that promised to be able to drain my cock in no time flat. I handed her a drink and we introduced ourselves. She then leaned near me and whispered, "When I am away from my husband, I like to pick out one man to spend my time with during the week. Could you be the one this week?" As I leaned forward so she could whisper in my ear, I was looking down her loose top, staring at two smallish breasts capped with very hard nipples that gave me every indication that she meant what she was offering me!"Are you for real?" I asked as I took a sip and looked around the room to see if someone had a camera on me and was playing a joke on me."Not really. I am much better than real. I am a fucking fantasy! So what will it be? Do you want to be my toy this week, or should I find someone else to be my stud and keep my needs in check?" I finally stopped looking around at everyone else. If there was a camera on me I sure as hell did not see it."You really are asking if I want to have sex with you?" She laughed at that."Oh, darling, I don't want sex. Sex is clinical. I want fucked. I want to be pounded by a proud cock, chocked by strong hands and have cum dripping out of every one of my holes every night when I go to sleep! If you don't think you are up to it though...."I threw the rest of my drink into the back of my throat and smiled at her, "At your service. My name is Bryan." She smiled at me and gave me her name, room number and cell phone number all on a card then tip toed up and gave me a kiss on the lips. At that same moment a voice came over the intercom announcing that it was time for the evening welcome session to begin. I thought about saying lets skip the session, but she actually wound up walking up and sitting on the dais!!! She was one of the execs that I was there to train!!!So after session when things started to break up, she and I went to a bar, quiet, dark and discrete. She told me some of her sordid tales and then said, "Tell me Bryan, what is your darkest dirty secret?" I pulled out my phone, showed her my XH account and said, "I wrote all of these stories, and have bedded these 13 women who responded to me about them!" She flipped through a few of the stories and even had me read a few of the raunchier passages to her.I noticed her hands went under the table as I was reading one story and when I was almost finished she came! Right there in the middle of the bar, she was fingering herself and getting off to one of my stories!!! I about shot my own load! Then she brought two glistening fingers up above the table and said to me, "Take my hands in yours." I did and then she raised my hands up close to my face. It probably looked like I was being romantic. She quietly said. "I want to watch you smell my pussy. Inhale my cunt cum! That's it!! Now, open your mouth and suck on my fingers!"Yeah I did! My boner under the table was about to bust out my zipper! She tasted so wet, clean and like sex! You know exactly what I mean! Her long red fingernails flowed over my tongue and teased me as she let her blouse fall open even more! My eyes did not know what to look at!!! anadolu yakası escort Her eyes were boring into mine, her tongue was sensually licking her lips and her tits were.... They were right there!!!"I have changed my mind about us Bryan. I want to make a game of it. Can you get 30 people, guys or women to say something about me if I give you a picture. I want to hear what they would do with me. I want them to tell me how they would fuck my ass, pull my hair, twist my tits.... I want to know how they would handle a whore of a woman they could never afford!" Her eyes were blazing now. "If you can get something written about me... about us and post it with a picture of me and get 30 guys to comment how they want to fuck me up in the most vulgar, cruel and degrading terms...or loving ways if they want; by say, Friday, Feb 8 at noon... then after that last session I will fuck you in my hotel room that evening like you have never been fucked before! You can have whatever hole and do whatever you want!!! But you have to get 30 comments!"I think I came, just a little in my pants right then! "Can women comment too? I mean, what if some of the ladies want to lick you?" She shuddered, smiled and said, "If they want, or if a guy would want to bring his woman along ... I want to hear their fantasies as to how they would use my body! And if you get 30 of them, you get to live out your fantasies on Friday!""You see Bryan, I have to be a lady in most of my life. I have to wear conservative dresses. I have to always be on guard for questions that are meant to trip me up back at corporate. The bad part is, my husband is a Pastor at a large congregation. The combination of our positions means that I am the most frustrated bitch you have ever met!""Wait. You mean to tell me that you are a preacher's wife? Oh shit, I'm going to hell now!"She laughed, "We will probably have a lot more fun there!!! Actually, he is a priest, but when I say that people get the image of robes and big hats.... We are not Roman Catholic. But he preaches in street clothes. He also suffers from ED. He gets feeling guilty about some of the thoughts he has about women... and sometimes men. I think he is really bi-sexual, which doesn't bother me. Hell I am! He knows that when I am travelling I often try to get someone to help me with my frustrations. He understands. He tries to keep my happy, but the fact is, I need fucked! "Right then, the waitress who was getting us our drinks came by to ask if we needed anything. "I was going to ask you if you needed anything, but...." She laughed as her face turned red. Then she looked at me and said, "Well, I'm guessing that you can take care of her a lot better than I can. I will bring you a couple of fresh drinks and then... leave you two alone for a while. Just flag me down if you need anything...else." True to her word, she was back in just a couple of minutes with the drinks and a wink and then she was gone.My new friend then slid over to my side of the table, and within a few minutes had my cock out, right there in a half-full bar, jacking me off. "Bryan, it has been more than six weeks since I have felt a hard cock. I love how hard yours is and how I can feel it throbbing in my hand. Do you want me? Do you want me to be a slut right here and suck you off? I can slip under the table and start sucking you right now. God, that makes so wet, just thinking about sucking your cock with all of these people here!" I looked around the room. Where we were sitting I was fairly certain no one would notice her disappearing, but I was also fairly certain that everyone coming out of the kitchen would have a nice view under our table!!!"No, don't go down on me here! Fuck, we will both get arrested, fired and mmmmm damn your hand feels good!!!" She really knew ataşehir escort how to use her handsAs if reading my mind she smiled at me. "I used to do this to boys at church. They would put their coats over their laps and I would reach underneath and pull their cocks out and stroke them. I learned to move my thumb like this to get them really hard!" She smiled up at me as she used the flat of her thumb to rub a small circular pattern under my cock and I thought I might lose my shit right then and there. But then her hand squeezed tight around the base of my cock and she held it. "Not yet. Don't cum yet. I took a few deep breathes and my balls relaxed a little... I was not comfortable but at least the immediate need to cum passed! "I have probably brought off close to 100 men in churches, restaurants, theaters you name it. I hate being a prude! I hate having to be "the preacher's wife." I want to be the city whore! I want to get banged by every age cock and licked by women too old to remember what sex is and girls who haven't yet figured it all out! Look down my blouse! My nipples are so hard, they ache!!!"I looked down and I did not have to look inside her blouse. Her nipples were drilling pointy pyramids into the front of her blouse and even thick as it was, there was no denying her arousal! She actually pulled her blouse out though and in the shadow of the booth I could just see the dark hard nipples sticking out, thick and hard. "Give me your hand!" She then took my hand and shoved it up her shirt. I did not need any other instructions as I slid my hand up the inside of her blouse and began squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. "Harder. Bruise me if you want! I want to be used. I want to feel your hand every time I take a breath tomorrow! Mmmmm oh, fuck yes!!!" Never let it be said I did not try to keep a woman happy!!At this point, there was no stopping me. My balls were tight and twisting into knots. My cock felt every movement of her practiced hand and while I have had more than my fair share of blow jobs and pussies to cum in, I can say without a doubt, she is the BEST with her hands of any woman I have ever been with! I mean, she got me to the edge and held me there, touching me, squeezing me, stroking me and then... It was just some of the most erotic moments in my life! All right there in a bar!!!And she had a filthy mouth. She told me nasty things she had done to men even as her husband sat on the other side of her on cruises. She admitted flashing a bunch of High School boys in another state once and then pretending like her car broke down a mile further down the road. She sucked off five boys, three of them twice that evening!!! She was, as far as anyone walking by was concerned, a sophisticated lady, a little out of place in a dive bar. Beneath the table, she was the most lecherous dream you have ever had come to life and giving me more than I could handle...literally!!!I have no idea how long later, she whispered, "Now Bryan! I want you to cum for me! I want you to paint the underside of this table with your sperm and I want you to show me how much cum you intend to paint my pussy with!!!" That was all it took; well that and her hand!!! I about broke my molar crown in the back of my mouth I was biting down so hard trying not to roar as she pumped my cock and I felt myself letting loose with a barrage of hot cum like I don't know if I have ever fired off before!!!Arbi smiled at me as she continued to quietly urge me to keep coming and not stop! She did things to my cock that even I had never found to do before and it felt amazing. But, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end and finally I began to soften and my whole body sank back into the padded seat. I was sweating and breathing like a race horse. She brought her hand out ümraniye escort from under the table and looked at me as she raised it in front her face and breathed in the fragrance of my ejaculation. She then sucked my cum off of her hand and wrist and told me she really hoped I am successful in getting 30 people to respond to a story about us. She was really looking forward to reading what everyone thought. That it would have her wet thinking about all week!The waitress stopped by a few minutes later and dropped off a wet cloth with the bar tab. I smiled at her and she said, ?Usually I tell people to have a good night when they leave here, but ? damn, it?s pretty obvious that you two already have and probably will have many more!??Oh, he has work to do. Thank you for letting us have some privacy. But, I gave him a challenge. If he wants more of tonight from me? well he has to write a porn story and post it on Xhamster and have more than 30 people comment on it if he wants to fuck me!? They both laughed.?Do I at least get a picture to attract attention to the story?? I asked. The two of them looked at each other and finally laughed. Arbi said, ?Sure, I will send you one! But you have to promise me another concession. You have to refrain from cumming again until Friday. I want your nuts full to overflowing come Friday!!!?The waitress looked at Arbi and said, "I'm off Friday. If he can't get 30 guys to comment on a story, would you like to maybe hookup with me?"My jaw hit the ground. I mean, Liz (our waitress) looked like your typical pretty, girl next door type of girl that is so sweet that sugar is sour by comparison! I had been a little surprised earlier when she did not bat an eye at our brazen and crude behavior at her table. But I never dreamed of her trying to get in on my deal!!! "Hey now!!! I am the one bargaining with the lady!" I said half laughing and concerned that I might just get pushed out of the picture!Arbi looked from one of us to the other and the tip of her pink tongue slipped out between those red red lips of hers and licked them as she considered what was being said. "Relax, Bryan. I'm not going to throw you to the curb... at least not now. But ... I have to admit she does kind of make me curious. I have never been intimate with another woman.... At least not to the point that I think she is offering. Arbi then turned and looked me in the eye and said, "What about this; If you get 30 good, hot comments on your story about me, then the two of us will spend all Friday fucking until we can't stand. If you get 50 or more comments," and she turned and looked at Liz, "he gets us both for Friday evening and we can do some exploring of each other.""And if he doesn't get 30 comments...?" Liz asked, with a shit eating grin on her face."I am still going to be horny as fuck, so you and I will still get together and Bryan....well he has a big right hand!" I protested, "Hey, that's not fair! I could go to all of the effort and still miss out on everything?!?""Yeah, so you better be able to write one hell of a story and get lots of guys to make comments!" Arbi said."Or, what do you think? If he gets 20, he can meet us and we can strip him naked, tie him up and make him watch as we play?" Liz said, with a truly wicked smile on her face. We each looked from one to the other and there is no doubt that there was so much thinking going on that there was probably mental smoke building into a small cloud above us!! A moment later we all shook hands with each other and exchanged cards.So I went back to the hotel and I have spent the last 3 hours writing out what is going on and now you know!!! If you want to help me have a chance at banging the beautiful woman in the photo, you have to say something about what you would like to do to her? and do it soon!!! PLEASE!!!=========================So here's the deal. I need as many of you as possible to comment on this story so that I get to fuck the woman in this picture. Because XH delays publishing stories, time is of the essence!! Make it dirty, make it nasty and VERY EXPLICIT. That way if I only get 29, she still may be wet enough to give me a happy sendoff on Friday before catching the Red Eye back to Ohio.
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