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the market

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the marketDear diary, Yeah, yeah ? I know, diaries are for girls and sissies, but hell if I care because I just needed to tell someone and it?s not really something that I can tell anyone being a bit sensitive in nature. So, today I was standing with my coffee stand at the market as I normally do ? it was a bit slow and not many customers, just a few early bird tourists. I was in a bad mood ? I had an argument with the old lady last night and it kind of spilled into the morning, so the last couples of days was just crap. I lost my temper las night and hit her ? maybe a bit harder than I intended and yeah, I shouldn?t hit her at all, but she is just so annoying sometimes. We haven?t had sex for ages and I was frustrated, and my balls just felt like they were ready to bust! So that was my mood this morning. Then I saw this tourist walking up the stairs to the platform where I was standing with my coffee cart ? I was watching her as she walked up and I just picked up my phone and shot a picture of her, I don?t know why, but I just felt I had to. This is her ? nothing special, just like any other tourist walking through the market browsing the different stalls. She noticed me taking a photo, but I don?t think she knew it was her that I targeted. She walked around a bit and then came to my cart asking for a Café Latte to go ? as usual I asked for a name to put on the cup and she said; ?Dagmar? with a cute smile. Then she and turned around to look down on the market below us. I don?t know why I did what I did next, but.. For some time, I had played with the thought of adding a bit of spice to our sex life at home ? as I mentioned the old lady was denying me sex and I bought a ?date ****? kit intending to feed to my wife and fuck the shit out of her ? that would learn her not to play with me. I had it in my cart, so I grabbed it and I just put all of it in Dagmar?s coffee ? I had no idea how it would work or even if it would kill her on the spot! Now the big problem was what to do next ? I didn?t know how long it took to work and what exactly would happen, so I had to figure out a plan as in right now! As I handed her the coffee, I asked Dagmar if she was looking for anything in particular at the market, and she smiled and said ?No, I am really just browsing and enjoying the nice weather, but I do have an interest sarıyer escort in antiques, so if the right item is there I might go for it? This was exactly what I was looking for, so I vent ?That?s quite the coincidence ? I actually just this morning received a few very rare religious antique items - a home alter and a catholic oak cross. I have them in my van and planned to sell them to a reseller in the market, but I know they will pay a very low price and sell for 3 or 4 times that, so I might as well sell them to you for a low price and we would both do a good deal. Would you like to see them?? Score! I could see it right away that she was interested, and I knew I had a way to get this working. My van was parked behind the market in a large parking lot, so I hurriedly closed my coffee cart and we vent to the parking lot. Dagmar was sipping her coffee while walking and the timing was just perfect because when we were close to my van I could see she started to walk a bit wobbly. I opened the side door to my van and just grabbed her and pulled her in. She did not protest or struggle, so apparently the d**gs was working as intended. I closed the door and we were alone in the dimmed light in the van. I didn?t want to leave any obvious signs, so wanted to get her out of her clothes without damaging it ? she looked quite dazed, so I said ?Please take of your dress, Dagmar? She slowly started to undress ? I found it extremely satisfying that she followed my directions without any question, she was like a robot or a zombie. Perfect! Dagmar stood in front of my ? completely naked. Dagmar was slim woman with small tits but absolutely worth fucking! I pulled out my phone and took another picture making sure I had a good closeup of her tits ? wanted to have a nice memory of this and definitely was going to jerk of in the future to that picture. I was very excited ? my dick almost ripped my pants in an effort to get out, I don?t think I ever had an erection so big and so hard. Dagmar was full zombie and did whatever I asked without any discussion ? just for the fun of it I asked her to pull her nipples hard. She did, and I told her to pull harder and I swear she just pulled all she could ? her nips was stretch out and her nails was white esenyurt escort from pressing so hard. This was going to be FUN! I asked her to suck my dick and she slammed to her knees and almost swallowed my dick to the balls - the warm feeling of her mouth and her tongue playing with me was just awesome! I laid down on my back, spread my legs and told her to lick my arsehole and boy did she lick my ass! Dagmar?s tongue pressed on my anus and vent inside ? no holding back here! I was on the verge of exploding and I told her to suck my dick again and really do it hard. Dagmar almost choked herself in an effort to do me hard ? spit and slime was coming out of her mouth and when my dick was all the way down her throat, I let loose and let my sperm flush into her. It was like a fucking waterfall and she choked and almost puked on my dick ? It was great to feel the convulsions in my dick and just made me face fuck her even harder. Dagmar was a mess ? she had sperm and spit all over her face and chest, to bad I forgot to take another picture, it would have been the crown of my collection! I needed a break and it was hot as hell in the back of the van, so I opened the side door a bit, but my timing was as bad as possible! Just as I opened the door, Miguel passed by and of course looked in the door. Crap! He was completely stunned for a second but gained his composure pretty quick. He looked at Dagmar and it was easy to see that she was doped, then he looked at me, at my still half erection and said ?I am in or you are on the express road to prison? Well ? that was a great argument and I let him in and closed the door again and Dagmar was in for the ride of her life. Miguel dropped his trousers and grabbed his dick, rubbing it hard and big. Like me, his was pretty well hung and a very thick cock as well. I ordered Dagmar to give him head and she complied without a sound. I vent behind her and started to fuck her pussy hard ? she was actually pretty tight for a woman her age, she felt like she was a 16 year old virgin. It was pretty exciting to see Miguel fuck her face while I was abusing her pussy ? every push I made in her cunt resulted in Miguel?s big hard dick was being forced down her throat and I just hammered as hard as I could in sync with Miguel. Dagmar?s avrupa yakası escort feet didn?t touch the ground ? she was held up in the air by two big cocks just pounding away. After a few minutes like that, we decided to test if she could take a dick in both holes, so Miguel laid down on the floor and Dagmar slipped down on his big cock, letting it slowly move up in her swollen red abused pussy. I stood behind and pushed my cock hard against her anus. That was REALLY tight ? I don?t think she ever had a dick in her ass before, so I probably took that virginity right there. After a few strokes, Dagmar relaxed and we started pounding away ? I could feel Miguel?s cock every time he trusted up. It was a crazy feeling having his dick push against me inside Dagmar! I was horny as hell and I really gave her hell ? I bet her ass was tender the next 3 weeks! She bounced up and down like a ragdoll ? just being fucked like a piece of meat. Miguel came hard ? he sent his sperm into Dagmar so hard that I could feel the spray while fucking Dagmar?s ass. That sent me over the top as well and I came again and filled her ass with my hot cum. Miguel looked like he was passed out and Dagmar was laying on top of him ? totally abused and filled with cum in every hole. It was time to end the party, so I told Dagmar to get up and get dressed ? she staggered to her feet, trembling and wasted. My cock was pretty messed up after fucking her ass so after Dagmar was dressed I asked her to lick me clean. She was still doped so she just fell to her knee and took my disgusting cock in her mouth and started licking it. I knew it was a stupid thing to do, but when ever do you get the chance, right? So I stared pissing her in her mouth and told to ?Drink it all up, Dagmar? She gurgled and swallowed and the hot yellow piss ran down her face and down her dress ? I swear it was the most kinky I ever saw in my life! Miguel?s eyes looked like the could pop out any moment and I could see his dick starting to rise again ? apparently he was into that kind of shit, so I thought I might as well make him happy and said to Dagmar: Dagmar, go over there and piss him in the mouth? What a sight ? this middle aged tourist from Germany standing above Miguel relieving herself, still with her underwear on, just pissing like a fucking racehorse in his face! If ever 100 EUR for d**gs was well spent, it was the money I spent for the d**g **** kit. So that was it ? we got her out of the van and steered her in the direction of the market hoping that she wouldn?t remember much from the ordeal. I don?t know how she would explain her hubby what happened, but I bet her ass and pussy was pretty sore for the next week.
23 Kasım 2021, at 01:09

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