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Five years later...

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FIVE YEARS LATER...I couldn't deny... I was slightly nervous. Standing in the shower, the powerful force of the jets spraying down on my naked body, the tingling of the water as it splashed down onto my stiff, hard cock. It had been five years since we had last seen other. Five years since we had spent three glorious hours in each other's company, exploring each other's body, relishing the touch, the feel, the pleasure. Five full years since, for the third time, we had climaxed together, your legs wrapped tightly around me, my hard cock pulsating and throbbing with ecstasy as I unloaded my warm cum, deep, deep inside you. And now here I was again, waiting for you. Wanting you...I was tempted to take a hold of my huge, hard manhood, and gently stroke it as the water lashed down onto it. It felt so good. Moving my hand faster and faster as the pleasure took hold... but I resisted. I wanted to share my delight with you. And only with you.As I stepped out the shower, clean and revitalised, I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, cock proudly jutting forth from my centre. Standing upright, attentive and ready... it was so hard. Harder than I can previously recall. I liked what I saw and once again I had to control the urge to take it in my hands and gently wank it into submission. It was a feeling I regularly had, and regularly gave in to. I enjoyed the sensation of bringing myself to climax, and the feel of my warm cum, shooting out of the tip, spraying over my naked body... and then the taste...However, before I had the opportunity to think any more on such a subject, I was brought into the now by a delicate knocking on the hotel room door. Tap, tap, tap...Shit ! I wasn't quite ready ! I hadn't intended to be stark naked when you arrived. That was being a touch too presumptious I felt. After all, it had been five years and neither of us were quite sure how we would feel, being in each other's company again.Tap, tap, tap...Grabbing a towel, I wrapped it around myself and made my way to the door, ignoring the fact that my hardened cock was still bolt upright, and so obviously primed underneath the towel. Peering through the small peephole I could see quite clearly who was waiting outside. It was you. Fucking hell. It was YOU ! Fuck ! You looked stunning... even through the small hole that unsubtly allowed me that initial, private viewing.I opened the door. Hi... come on in. I wanted to say so much in that initial greeting but the nervous situation took the better of me, of both of us, and you silently glided into the room, eyes firmly fixed on the huge, erect form that stood underneath the confines of my towel. I closed the door behind you, carefully taking note of any persons in the hallway who may have seen you arrive. Thankfully there were none. I turned to you. You smiled that wonderful smile of yours. You looked... simply gorgeous, and I leant forward, taking your face in my hands as our lips gently met and without another word we kissed, gently at first, and then gradually more forcefully as our passion started to rise. Your tongue darted forth and I could feel it wrapping itself around my own. I was briefly lost in the moment, as my towel dropped to the floor, and I stood naked in front of you. It felt so right...Taking you by the hand I led you into the bedroom where, once again, as I stood before you, I held your face, cupped in my hands, and sensuously kissed you. As our lips melted together I could feel you breathing heavier and a gently moan came from deep within. Then, before I could react further, you pulled away from my kiss and, with a smile spreading over your face, you lowered yourself down, in front of me, kissing my body as you slowly dropped to your knees, your hands caressing as you moved gently downwards. Across my chest, your fingers running through the hairs, pausing at my nipples and gently squeezing them... and then ever downwards, across my stomach to where your intentions were in sight, proudly erect before you.Cupping my balls in your hands, tenderly massaging them, you began to run your tongue slowly along the full length of my cock, starting at the base and then, gradually, relishing every second, working your way up the shaft o the top, where you gently licked the tip, taking enjoyment in the sticky, oozing pre-cum that was slowly dripping from the eye. Mmmmm... you could taste the sweetness of it as you slowly continued to lick, moistening your tongue, and then, whilst your eyes continued to look into mine, you gently began repeating the procedure, from tip to base, teasing me with your sensual movements, kissing the delicate tip, over and over, running your tongue around the velvet rim of the head. It felt just so fucking good... Mmmmm... Suck me, please...Reaching the tip again, you paused, kissed it gently once again and then opened your mouth widely, taking the full head of my cock inside, your tongue flicking and wrapping around it. I gasped at the sudden sensation, and I tried to control myself, but anadolu yakası escort instead all I could do was thrust it further into your mouth, a movement with which you appeared to take delight in as you let out a loud groan, and pushed harder against me, my cock going deep into your throat, my balls pressing closely against your chin. Gagging slightly, you pulled away but then with the desire and lust for my cock building you took it in back again, deep, deep, faster and faster you moved, your hands moving around to tightly grab my buttock cheeks and pull them towards you forcefully. Repeatedly. I wanted to fuck your mouth so badly.I began to groan with the sheer pleasure of your movements... please, don't stop, suck me deeper I begged... but I knew that too much of this sheer delight and I would simply explode with warm, wet cum too soon and I pulled out before you could take me in once more.Still smiling, you stood back up before me, your lips moist with my pre-cum and we passionately kissed once more, sharing the sticky, wet taste. It tasted so fucking good and I knew I wanted more... but instead I took a step backwards, and reached out to you, slowly unbuttoning your blouse and removing it, before my hands moved gently from your shoulders, down your arms and slowly downwards to your breasts, which I tenderly touched through the white lace that protected them. Bending down I began to kiss your neck, your head moving backwards as you sighed deeply, and I began to move downwards, kissing and licking your throat, your shoulders, my hands continually caressing your breasts. A quick movement from yourself and your bra hit the floor and with a swift change of direction my mouth smoothly took in your nipple, hard and erect, and I sucked and licked, squeezing it between my lips and my teeth. They were simply beautiful. Perfectly formed and I wanted to caress them both forever as far as I was concerned. Squeezing, licking, sucking... but I knew I wanted, and needed to explore your body more. And I knew by your groans that you wanted to me to do so as well...However, you clearly had other ideas as well, as the passion was now building between us. Pushing me backwards, I fell down onto the bed. I smiled with familiarity. It was a feeling I immediately recalled from the last time we had been together, five years previous, when you had done likewise, pushing me down, before you climbed aboard my body and together we had sensitively performed 69 on each other. Licking and sucking. Tasting and kissing. This time however, you needed to tease, and I watched you with delight, as you slowly and seductively removed your jeans, revelling in my pleasure as my eyes followed your every movement, my hand taking a hold of my hardened cock and gently stroking it. Pre-cum once again oozed out and I delicately touched the tip, allowing a small amount of moisture to gently make its way onto my fingers and into my mouth. It tasted good. Standing before me now, you finally removed your lace panties, and the glorious sight of my desire was revealed to me. I moaned loudly as I made my intentions clear, my hand still working on my own hardness. I wanted to lick and suck on your beauty as much as I could, tasting the juices that flowed sweetly outwards, before I filled it fully with a fat, hardened cock. Fuck. I so wanted you now. I wanted to fuck you, fuck you hard, and make you scream with delight until you could take no more...I reached out, taking both of your hands in mine, and with a swift jerk I pulled you forward, taking you into my arms, and we both tumbled onto the bed, wrapped together as one. The passion grew ever stronger as our lips met once more, harder and more forcefully, and tongues darted back and forth as our hands began to explore and our legs entwined, and we rolled around upon the soft, white sheets.Lying on top of you now, my stiff cock pressing up against the soft, enticing entrance to your innermost delights, I gently moved back and forth, probing inside of you with each movement, gradually sliding deeper inside each time.Oh yes, fuck me with my your huge fat cock...The words whispered in my ear aroused me further still. God, how I loved to hear talk like that... Fuck my wet cunt and fill me with your gorgeous sweet cum...Mmmmm...However, I had another idea in mind, and I longed to taste you before I obliged with such demands on me. Gradually, slowly, and oh so gently, I began to work my way down your body. I kissed your neck once more, once, twice, and then your chest, and slowly began to explore your body, licking as I moved ever downwards. Taking each nipple, one by one, I sucked hard, flicking my tongue over each one, enjoying the sensation that you too were so clearly enjoying...Oh fuck, yes. You bastard ...Then, I moved further down, kissing and stroking your stomach, caressing your hips, until I reached my destination, the beautiful sight of your moist, wet pussy. I delicately kissed the outer ataşehir escort reaches, feeling the wetness presss against my lips, and ran my tongue over this most desirable of areas. I could feel the juice all around my mouth as I pressed closer in, constantly licking and tasting. Then, opening my mouth as widely as I could, I engulfed the entire entrance to your soul and sucked deeply, my tongue still working furtively in my desire to enjoy every second, and to pleasure your every desire. Oohhhh, you tasted so good...The more I licked, the more your breathing became heavier, and the more your thighs tightened around my face, locking me in situ, lost in the moment. Your body taughtened as, reaching up, I gently inserted my finger deep inside, moving it around, pushing it back and forth. Deeper it went. Your hands then reached down to my head, forcing it downwards, holding it in place as your moaned with delight, your body beginning to convulse with uncontrollable passion.I could wait no more. Forcing away your hands, I swiftly moved up your body once more, face to face, our lips locked and your tongue explored, trying to savour every amount of juice that still coated my face. And then... yes. With a swift movement, I thrust my aching cock deep inside you. Deep into your cunt, still so, so wet from the pleasures I had just bestowed upon it. You gasped. The full length of my manhood was pressing inside, all the way to the hilt, and my balls were feeling the wetness all over them as I moved in, and out, in and out, in and fucking out.Fuck yes. I bet you like having a fat fucking cock inside you, don't you ?My hands gripped the nape of your neck, as I lifted your head closer to mine, whispering in your ear.You love being fucked, don't you ?My movements increased as the warm sensation of my cum began to build, and your body began to move in rhythm with mine. I could feel you peaking as your inner muscled held me tighter and tighter. Gripping my cock. Back and forth, up and down, in and out, faster and faster...I want your cum all over me, you whispered. Shoot your gorgeous cum over my face...I was so close to climax that I could barely oblige before the moment would arrive. Your movements were only heightening the pleasures I was now feeling and it was only a matter of time. Withdrawing from your wetness, hardened by the lustful pleasures to a degree that seemed impossible, aching beyond belief, I moved up your body until my stuff, red cock was inches from your face. Your eyes looked longingly at it, and your tongue darted forward to once again engulf the tip of the throbbing head. And then... aaaahhhh... the warmth, the delicate delight, the uncontrollable feeling as a stream of hot, white cum shot out of the eye, engulfing your tongue and your mouth, shooting in a stream of lustful, tasty spunk over your face... Your mouth widened as you tried to catch every drop that sprayed over you, and the combination of your hands, as they now cupped my balls, and then squeezed the remaining droplets of sticky whiteness out of my cock, dripping them into your chin, and onto your fingers. Mmmmmm... thrusting your fingers into my mouth you then forced me to lick them off, before pulling me down, once more, into a lingering, wet, tongue tingling kiss. I could hold myself no more, and my entire body seemed to deflate at once as I collapsed into your arms. Exhausted. Deeply exhausted. But satisfied beyond belief. For now. I wanted to explore you again, and I would. Soon. I wanted to taste you once more, and to kiss you. But for now, I just wanted to hold you. Close. As one...For the next ten minutes we just lay on the bed, as one. No words were spoken. Nothing needed to be said. My arms held you tightly, whilst your head rested on my chest, your hands gently stroking my stomach, occasionally moving down to caress my still swolen, but resting cock.After a while longer I released you from arms and stood up. Still no words. Your smile said it all. The love said it all. I silently moved across the room to the bathroom where, pausing to admire my body in the mirror once more, I turned on the shower and waited whilst the heat and the steam began to rise. Then, stepping under the powerful stream of cascading water, I drew breath with a deep sigh and relaxed as the jet worked it's magic and began to massage my naked body. I must have stood there for five minutes, barely moving, enjoying the sensation of the waterfall, when my attention was brought around as I felt your hands wrap around me from behind. I hadn't heard you enter the room and the feeling of your body, as it pressed against mine, caused a tingle to run through me, a downwards tingle that aimed for my very centre. You kissed my shoulders gently, and slowly, as your hands held me tighter, and then gradually moved down, reaching out for my cock. Stroking. Gently tugging. Encouraging it back to life. I sighed with pleasure. Mmmmm....Satisfied in the knowledge that you had resurrected ümraniye escort my manhood, you once agin began to caress my body, massaging in the warm water, slowly rubbing in the bar of soap that you had just picked up, up and around across my back. Down and across my buttock cheeks. Between them. Still stroking and cleansing as you moved. Do you like that ? Does it feel nice ?Dropping to your knees behind me, the water splashing across you face as it bounced down off of my body, you continued to probe between my cheeks. Pushing the bar of soap against my asshole, probing with your fingers, gradually moving them inside me, deeper you probed. Harder and faster you pushed...Fuck, yes.And then... your tongue. Slowly rimming the edge of my hole, pushing inside and giving me what I wanted. What I so wanted. Your hands now also reaching underneath me, between my legs, cupping and squeezing my aching balls.I bet you like that, don't you ?As you stood back up, the steam of the water fully arousing us both once again, I turmed around to face you. Your turn I thought, as I then turned your body to face away from me.Lean forward.Doing as you were instructed, you placed your hands on the damp tiled wall in front of you, angling your body as you did so, willingly parting your legs as I moved close and pressed against you. My hardened, stiff cock once more primed to full capacity, ready to take you. Gently I pressed it in between your cheeks, slowly moving it around your asshole, pressing firmly as it probed further. Gasping slightly, I could sense your body tighten as the unfamiliarity took a hold of you, but I probed further, pushing hard against the muscles that tightened to stop my entry. The water was now cascading down your back as you faced away from the force, and the constant stream of wetness moistened and lubricated my cock further, alllowing it to fight against the tightness and push deep into your ass. Fuck ! That hurts ! Ooohhhh... God, no ! But fuck, it's so fucking good... I could hear you quietly whisper through clenched teeth, ingoring the pain, riding with the sensation that swept inside of you as I increased my movements, in and out. Grabbing a hold of your hair, pulling it back forcefully into a pony tail, snapping you backwards so your head looked up at the ceiling, I gripped you tightly as I continuing thrusting, fucking your sweet, tight ass. Deeper and deeper, the full length, all the way up to the hilt. By now you were almost crying out with the pain. It shouldn't feel like this... sweet Jesus... but fuck, yes, you were loving it too. It was simply, simply amazing. And then, not wanting to lose the moment, I gradually slowed down the rhythm, easing up on you, before gently pulling out, taking away the pain that consumed your desire. With your muscles letting go, releasing their grip, your body relaxed once more and you turned back to face me, your hands swiftly around me once again, our lips locking together, tongues intertwining. Passions arising further still.Resuming your thoughts, you teasingly picked up the bar of soap once more and you kneeled down before me, and whilst watching from barely inches away, you began to gently cleanse my throbbing centre. Massaging the lather along the length of the shaft, around and over head, up to the very tip, polishing it to perfection, cleansed enough to delicately kiss once more. To lick and to cherish.Stepping out of the shower we held each other close once again. Wrapped inside one towel. Cocooned in our togetherness. Lie on the floor, I whispered.Placing the towel on the damp tiling, you lay down, your face looking up as I towered over you. My cock directly over your head. Then, dropping to my knees, my legs either side of head, my balls inches above your open mouth, I leaned forward, allowing my mouth, my tongue, my every desire to consume your beautiful sweet cunt. And it did. Your wet lips. Your clit. My lust. It tasted so good once again. Meanwhile, positioned below me, your eager mouth worked at my balls, licking them, sucking them, taking them one by one, before your focus returned to the stiffened, hard monster that stood up before you. Your mouth widened and you eagerly took it back in, gradually working your way down the shaft, your head moving forwards, forcing it into the back of your mouth, into your throat, encouraging me to once more thrust back and forth. The 69 position was working to perfection as we both sucked, licked and tasted the enjoyment of the moment. The moment that built up, slowly but surely to a beautiful, sweet climax. Your body tightened and shook uncontrollably, your thighs gripping the sides of my head once more as your cunt juices, sticky and sweet, filled my mouth. Passionately and hungrily I licked for all I was worth. Savouring every sweet moment. At the same time my cock could take no more and the unreal sensation of numbness and sensivity took ahold, a jettison of spunk suddenly filling your mouth as I collapsed on top of you. Gasping for air. Oh my God ! Never before have I...I rolled over, and you turned around, your face now inches above mine... and you opened your mouth. A mixture of spunk and saliva dripped out, a stream of delicious moisture oozing onto me. Opening up my own mouth I greedily took every drop for myself and swallowed. It was good...
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