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admin 23 Kasım 2021 12:10

Sometimes we like it trashy
Sometimes we like it trashyMy friend Mitch likes his sex trashy. As trashy as he can possibly get it. No idea why, but it can get addictive. When we were young we loved finding ourselves in these bizarre situations. Usually a threesome, with the occasional ageing milf, in some small apartment in the slums. But I moved a lot, and haven't been back for a while. I moved back to the town where we spent our late teens. Where we grew up. Mitch and I always stayed in touch, but now for the first time in a long time, it felt like the best friends that we once were. He had a decent job now, but still working hard to maintain a much better life than we once had. I was free as a bird, able to work good hours for a very good salary. We fell into old habits. Our favourite strip club after work, and then smoking shisha at one of the shisha bars. The bars changed. The club didn't. The girls were still amazing, albeit not the same ones, the atmosphere still good. And even the drinks cost much less than the other clubs, which weren't nearly as pleasant. It was good, for a time.One day on the weekend he said Mitch wanted to go visit some girl together. It was crystal clear what he meant, and sounded quite fun. We drove to this strange apartment hotel. I knew it back in the day. Some floors were neat, others, not. We went up to the 9th floor. He texted someone (apparently HER) as we were going up. We got up pretty quick. It was clean enough, but it was also clear any renovation was a distant memory, the walls in poor condition, the old floors looking very different than modern hotels. He led me down the hall to apartment 908. It was not locked. He opened the door and had me come in first.The inside corridor was damp and warm. It took my eyes a moment to adjust. It was also quite dark, pendik escort with little light coming in from an unseen window. There was a fan buzzing nearby. I walked into the small room. On the right was an unmade bed. Clothes on the floor all around. And then I also noticed a big vibrator on the bed, still wet! On the left was a, more or less, clean kitchen. The window in the middle was slightly open, with on missing shutter. Kate was sitting on a sofa that was set against the wall with the window. Not what I expected, that's for damn sure. I looked at her. Dark hair. Somewhere between wavy and curly, and quite long. Nice pale face, blueish-green eyes, small nose, cute mouth, with nice red lipstick. All she wore was a thin red sweater. You couldn't really make out her upper body figure under it, expect she was obviously quite thin. Her legs were completely naked, as was her pelvic area. While her legs were neatly shaven, Kate's bush was actually, well a bush of black hair. Looking like a triangular shield. Her pale legs were gorgeous. They were long and just shapely enough, and pale - just as I liked it.Kate opened her legs wide, putting each on each bar of the sofa. She was very flexible. And then the woman in the red sweater and no panties said: "Come here, Big guy", in a nice sexy voice. But I was reluctant. She seemed strange, to say the least. Mitch knew what went through my mind and whispered from behind "she is sober, no d**gs and all of that". It did remove my doubts. I looked at her and dropped my pants, underpants and shoes in a few fast awkward moves. I was hard already. I just dove in. She moaned loudly when I entered her. She kept moaning and in between, she said: "screw me, big boy, screw me hard". I increased my speed and kağıthane escort drilled her with increasing force. Her vagina was a bit loose, but I'm big enough, and it was still fun.Soon after we switched positions. She stood her knees on the sofa, her cute small feet just waiting to be tickled, and put her arms where the top of the sofa met the wall. The lowered her back and rested her head on her arms. I leaned in and before penetrating rested the tip against her cute asshole. I liked the wild hairy look. From behind she was almost as hairy as the front. I put my hands on the sofa for balance and was getting ready for my bombing dive. Feeling the pressure Kate suddenly said: "Please no! You're too big!". Katya was really worried. I kept my tip pushed just against her anus. Not moving away, not having penetrated yet. Her muscle memory did betray her, a bit. Her lips said no, while her anal cavity started opening up to receive me, instead of clamping up. She felt it. "Please don't do it" she desperately said, now in a weaker voice. "Just my pussy, I'm ready for you," she said in a calmer voice. So I fucked her pussy from behind. I fucked her as hard as I could. Her loud moans turned into orgasm at some point. I kept on going in and out of her loose pussy until I finally came deep inside of her. It was a great finish.Before she could do anything, Mitch moved me aside and dove in to lick her everywhere around her pussy. He covered her lips, clit, and dove deep, taking in her fluids, as well as mine. He seemed to really like it. It was strange, a bit, but I could care less. She was an excellent screw, and I know sloppy seconds can be awesome. After his thorough oral cleanup, Mitch just dropped his maltepe escort pants and underpants to his ankles and took my place in the same position. Licking her really excited him. He was hard as a rock. He wasn't as tall or as heavy as me, and he held Kate for balance under her sweater. She loved it, and she loved how he leaned in to kiss her neck from behind.For the next portion of the show, Kate got up and finally removed her sweater. We followed suit with our shirts. Mitch set on the sofa, and she rode him in a reverse sit-up position. Kate was kind of cute. I could now see her skinny arms, thin torso, and empty small tits. They were cute, sagging down like that. I found a convenient position and just played with her right tit, licking her nipple, helping her excitement build up. Her lipstick held firmly, and her lips looked especially cute. So I kissed her. Katya was an excellent kisser. We kissed for the remainder of the time until her orgasm actually ended. She let out a shout, apparently as Mitch was unloading into her, and she bit on my lip while cumming.Katya has gotten off of him. "Now clean-up" she simply said. "What?" I responded. "Now you clean me up", she continued. I looked around for some wet wipes, but she interrupted me in a firm voice. "No! Just your mouth. I have only one condition. Fuck me all you want. But when orgy is done, after one boy finish, another boy clean up". Mitch nodded me to do it, and so I did. She was really salty. But yummy. Her vagina filled with her fluids. Mixed with the cum it was actually kind-of yummy. Her pussy smelled of sex properly, and it was awesome. When she was really clean I got up. She held onto me and pulled me in for a goodbye kiss. Then it was my friend's turn. We almost forgot to dress but did so in the end. Lastly, Katya said: "Next time you come, my ass is ready for YOU, big boy. You can DP. Fuck as hard as you want. Come with Misha, he is nice." She referred to mitch by his Russian name. And so we left, and I actually wanted to get back there soon. To that warm, weird apartment with that trashy, but very sweet girl.

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