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Ellie And The Home Credit Part 2

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Ellie And The Home Credit Part 2As my tongue felt the wetness of Ellies panties and my nose firmly wedged against her shaded button hole I was reluctant to move, Ellie was rooted to the spot and her head was elsewhere as we both realised we had an audience, Sophie stood rooted to the spot by the doorway, mouth open as she surveyed the situation. I was guessing but was under the impression this was the first time Sophie had seen her mother in any kind of sexual activity let alone with a strange man old enough to be her father, time stood still as I kept my head buried with my tongue flicking between the wet gusset and her arse, she tasted so sweet and it was Ellies move.I think she was lost in the moment as although she looked up at Sophie she didn?t speak and I don?t think even being caught by her daughter was going to interrupt a pleasure she hadn?t experienced for many a year.My tongue edged inside the fabric of her wet knickers and I could taste her juices better as my tongue felt her wet labia lips, ?OH FUCK YESS!? she cried out as her body started to spasm again, I frantically sucked up and swallowed her sweet sticky liquid and felt the movement of Sophie who had come further into the room, neither of us were going to stop.I caught Sophie in the corner of my eye as I continued my feast, she stood just a few feet away watching me eat her mother, her mother was so engrossed that either she didn?t notice or fully comprehend that her daughter was present or she didn?t care, I think it was a mixture of both and I could see Sophie adjusting her gaze and was now looking directly as my stiff erection, I didn?t care.Seeing Sophie standing there in her little night shirt which was basically a tee shirt which barely covered her I could see she only had a pair of white panties underneath, obviously no bra as who sleeps in a bra!!Sophie looked a little nervous but also intrigued and excited at what I was doing to her mother and I then slipped Ellies thong down her legs and she willingly stepped out of it, she was totally naked now and this gave me better access to her wet outer lips, Mmm the taste was awesome as my tongue licked her juices.I picked up Ellies panties and pulling away I held them to my face taking a big sniff, Mmm so nice as Ellie then lowered herself onto my lap with Sophie watching on in front of us, ?Are you guys gonna fuck?? she asked as she sat opposite and watched my cock disappear into her mother, ?Wow this is so cool? she said with a smile, ?And why are you sniffing mums panties?? she asked, I didn?t answer her as she seemed to be enjoying the show. Ellie slowly gyrated and my cock was fully in up to my nuts and I reached around her and softly caressed her small but firm breasts, her nipples were like bullets as the gyrating speeded up a notch. Sophie sat opposite watching intently as her mother basically fucked me, I could see her nipples erect through her tee shirt although she didn?t have much up top to be fair but as my gaze lowered I could clearly see her little white panties as her night shirt barely covered her, wow! what a nice sight to see while her mother is fucking me, did I forget it was my birthday. All thoughts of why I was here had disappeared and the tempo had increased as Ellie was basically bouncing up and down on me, her cries could be heard down the street but she didn?t care, she had been without for 15 years and she was buggered if anything was going to spoil her moment, she orgasmed multiple times and my balls were soaked but I held on for as long as I could but watching Sophie sitting opposite I must say it was difficult.It was when Sophies legs widened bakırköy escort that I totally lost control, the sight of her sweet teenage panty clad pussy was enough, ?OH FUCK YEAH!!? I shouted as I felt my cock start to pulsate, ?OH YES BABY, OH YESSSS!!? Ellie cried as Sophie looked excited, ?Are you gonna cum inside her mister?? she asked but the deed was already in progress and my hot seed was shooting deep inside Ellies belly, ?Mmm, Oh yes? Ellie cried quite softly as she felt my hot load inside her, Sophie sat with her eyes wide and her mouth open, ?Oh WOW!? she said softly, ?How cool was THAT!? she said as her mother and I regained our breath.?Wow mum, he really fucked you? she said as they both made eye contact, Ellie was speechless as she sat there with her cunt muscles still holding my softening cock inside her, I don?t think she wanted to let me go, not that I minded as I was still semi hard and it felt damn good.Sophies legs were still parted enough for me to see her pretty little thigh gap and seemed to get pleasure teasing me as every now and again she would adjust her position which involved widening her legs, ?Wow Sophie? she said softly now regained her normal breathing pattern, ?I am speechless darling, but mummy needed that? she said as some way of an explanation, Sophie seemed to understand but was still a typical teenager, ?It?s ok mum? she said, ?It was way cool to watch, and is he still inside you?? she asked and I could see her mum nodding her head, Sophie smiled, ?Are you gonna fuck again? Can I watch again, please? She asked quite excitedly and seeing her and hearing her soft tones not to mention the grip Ellie still had on me I was all for it, in fact my cock responded and along with Ellies grip I could feel myself getting hard again.Ellie wiggled and looked back at me smiling before turning to her daughter, ?You bet we?re gonna fuck again, I don?t care if you watch, do you Bill?? she asked and I certainly had no objections, ?Can I look closer this time Mum?? she asked and got on her knees in front of us which kind of spoiled my eye candy but beggars cant be choosers as the saying goes.Ellie put her legs over mine which were spread so that Sophie got a good view of my cock and her mums hairy bush, ?Wow, this is so cool mum, you?re so hairy? she said as her mum started to gyrate slowly on my lap and my cock was now at full strength and I could feel her gripping me tightly.I could see that Sophie was intrigued at what she was seeing and she nervously reached out her hand towards my knee looking up at me for approval, I nodded my head and her soft warm hand touched the inside on my knee and still maintain eye contact she inched her way up the inside of my thigh, her touch was soft and somewhat nervy but she kept inching up looking for a signal from me which she wasn?t going to get, I felt her finger tips touch my balls and she stopped and looked at me, I smiled and she then started to caress my balls giving them a gentle squeeze as her mum bounced up and down.With Sophie kneeling there helped Ellies balance as she held onto Sophies shoulders while Sophie had one hand cupping my balls and the other hand seemed to be searching for her mums little trigger, ?OH FUCK YESSS!? Ellie cried out as her daughter obviously found it and being a girl probably knew exactly what to do, her mother gasped and moaned as her body shook to orgasm after orgasm with my cock buried deep inside her and her own daughter playing with her clit, I decided to add support by putting my hands around Ellie grabbing both of her perky tits, her nipples dug into beşiktaş escort my palms as I gently squeezed adding to the tempo we had all built up.I knew I was close and didn?t realize I had built up so much during my non-existent sex life, I cried out as Sophie squeezed harder and felt my hot cum shoot again deep into Ellies belly, Sophie kept squeezing as Ellie felt the warmth inside, we were both spent and breathless.Ellie reached out to Sophie to help her dismount such was the weakness in her legs, Sophie of course obliged helping her mum raise off my softening cock and as she did so dribbled some cum out which landed on my belly and a little on my cock, I just laid back on the sofa totally exhausted as Sophie helped her Mum up and to the other side where she just crashed out with a big smile on her face.Sophie looked back at me laying back and looking down she noticed the cum that had landed on my belly which now had my soft cock resting against, it didn?t look pretty!I was just too knackered to move and just laid back with my legs spread as an open invitation, Sophie looked at her mum who was almost u*********s but still had the grin and then looked back at me, ?Ah bless you mister? she said and then looked down at the mess my sorry penis was in, ?Looks like you need cleaning up down there? she said with a half-smile, as she inched closer and got on her knees I opened my legs wider to allow her better access to her cleaning mission, she looked down at my placid cock which by some magical reason was starting to come back to life and then looked up at me, I had a blank expression but managed a half smile back at her, she then lowered her head still making eye contact and licked a drop of cum right off my belly, my cock grew another inch right at the point of contact. She raised her head as she swirled her prize around in her mouth before swallowing it and licking he lips. ?Mmm, it tastes good? she said softly as she lowered her head again and still looking in my eyes she licked another drop of the mixed juices off my belly, once more she savoured the taste before swallowing.My cock was responding and she was looking down on it closely, examining every curve and vein like she had never seen one before, maybe she hadn?t but who am I to judge, she looked around my ball sacs and then gently took hold of the shaft, her hand seem soft and gentle as she pulled the skin back to expose the swollen glistening head, her eyes lit up when she saw a little droplet of precum leak out the tip, she leant forward and licked it off, ?Mmm? she said softly. I was in no state to fight her off, why would I? and just lay there while she examined me with her eyes and soft touch.I stroked her short black hair as she started to explore with her tongue, licking and kissing every inch of my manhood and then swirling her tongue around the helmet, flicking and teasing.I looked across at Ellie who still hadn?t come down from cloud 9 yet, she was conscious and smiling, I guess it was now her turn to watch and see what her daughter had learnt, to tell you the truth she had such a good fucking she didn?t really care what happened with her daughter, she was satisfied.Suddenly she stopped and stood up, she slowly pulled her panties off and handed them to me before getting back on her knees and with her hands on my hips and looking up at me sniffing her sweet knickers she continued to worship my throbbing cock with her tongue. The sweet nectar of her panties coupled with the soft wetness of her tongue felt like I had died and gone to heaven, Ellie looked on and seemed to have regained her beylikdüzü escort senses watching me sniffing her daughters underwear while said daughter was sucking my cock. The tables were turned and I could now look at Ellie?s naked body while her daughter blew me, heaven!!Sophie had now plucked up the courage and had taken my cock deep into her mouth but quickly gagged, ?Slowly Sophie, slowly? her mum said so she slowly reinserted it and this time when I felt the tightness of her throat she slowed right down and it seemed to work, happy days.. Ellie clapped.It was weird that a mother would watch her teenage daughter blow a man old enough to be her granddad let alone let her teenage daughter watch her being screwed by said man, we live in a strange society and you never know what goes on behind clothes doors.Sophie was doing good she had picked up her technique and was putting her tongue to good use while sucking, she was a bit keen on the sucking and maybe she thought she had to suck the juice out of me, other than that she was doing a great job, her mum and me made eye contact and we both smiled, Ellie even then putting her fingers to good use while she watched her daughter, she was obviously getting turned on and started to rub her clit, her moans seemed to spur Sophie on as she upped the pace on hearing her mothers moans and began bobbing her head, I had the best of both worlds here watching Ellie frigging herself off and her daughter giving her first ever blow job, I wasn?t sure how much I had left in the tank but I was soon to find out.Sophie got into a good rhythm just as Ellie cried out bringing herself to orgasm, that was enough for me and I could feel my balls tighten and my cock exploded into Sophies mouth, it took her a bit by surprise and she nearly choked while trying to swallow too quick, she soon settled and looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth, she smiled with her eyes as she gently sucked every last drop squeezing my balls to make sure she had it all.She pulled up smiling and licking her lips, ?Mmm? she sighed, ?There you go mister, all clean now? she said as I took one last sniff of her panties before handing them back. I looked down at my now lifeless cock, all limp and shrivelled and I knew I was done. Sophie stood up and put her panties back on and then leant down to give me a peck on the forehead which I thought was sweet before she excused herself, probably to go get herself off in private.I looked across at Ellie, she smiled a sweet warm smile, ?Thank you Bill? she said softly, ?Thank you for everything? she said and I could see she had a glow on her face, maybe I had woken up her sexual desires that had been laying dormant for years, she stood up and we hugged, not even caring that we were still both naked, it didn?t matter.I pulled away and Ellie reached across and grabbed her nightdress and slipped it back on while I bent down into my messenger bag, ?Nice arse too Bill? I heard her say softly behind me, ?More coffee?? she asked and I nodded my head, she wandered off to the kitchen and poured more coffee and on her return I handed her some money, ?What?s this?? she asked and I told her it was her loan money but it was from me so we didn?t have to do all the paperwork, ?Lets just say you have made an old man very happy? I said and she giggled as she looked down at my worn out wrinkled manhood, ?Looks like we have worn you out, I hope your wife wont be mad? she said with a hint of sarcasm.I told her that my wife was away but wouldn?t notice anyway so it was no big deal, with that Ellie left the room only to return a few seconds later carrying Sophies white panties, she picked up her pink and black thong and handed them to me, ?A little memento of today Bill, and Sophie loves you too? she said softly as she watched me getting dressed, she winced as I put my cock away and did up the zipper but only because I was commando.To Be Continued?
23 Kasım 2021, at 12:18

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