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A Ride Please?

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A Ride Please?I am about to tell you how I met Keisha and Wanda. The two black women that fill this white man's every desire. I was driving on a country road it was night time hours. The road was shiny black tar because of the rain that was coming down hard upon the pavement. I teach a music class in a local college. And the college students were off for spring break which I was too. I decided to take a vacation, just drive anywhere no plans where really. But in the south-east region.As the rain was beating hard down on my vehicle. In the distance I spotted a car with the hazard lights blinking. As I got closer I spotted a young black girl maybe in her early 20's standing in the rain flagging me to stop. She was waving me down to stop and help. So I pulled in behind her car. She started walking towards my vehicle. When she got to the window I told her to jump in my passenger side to escape the rain. She sat in my other seat explaining on how she and her friend Keisha was coming home from a party and their car starting losing power. So I got out with her. I ran towards the front of her car as she got in her car to alert her friend I was gonna try to help. I pulled up the hood and noticed the alternator belt was broken. We tried to jump it off, to see if it had enough power, but no luck. So I suggested to give them a lift home and they excepted.We introduced ourselves. Wanda was the girl I talked to first. She was 20 yrs of age she had skin that was caramel color. She had brown eyes and hair. Her hair was short, shoulder length. Keisha was about 27 yrs of age with long black hair that ran all the way down her back, with brown eyes, Her skin was darker like chocolate. Both of them had slender bodies. But Keisha was the tallest one. So we made our drive to their home.So Wanda instructed me on where to go. They lived in an apartment in a small city. We pulled in the parking lot. They thanked izmir escort me for the help, then Keisha invited me in for some hot chocolate or coffee. I excepted. As we walked in. Wanda made me some hot chocolate as Keisha walked in the bedroom to change. After a minute or so Wanda went to change. Keisha returned, and wow!! Keisha had on a White T-shirt that was loose that ran all the way down her sexy legs. She seemed to only have on panties and a pair of white socks She sat at the table with me talking. Keisha seemed to be the outspoken one when Wanda was the shy and classy lady. Wanda came out in a long white terry cloth robe. Wanda suggested me to go in the bathroom and take my wet dripping clothes off and hang them on the shower curtain.So I stripped them off. My cock got so hard of the thought of me nude in these two fine looking ladies' bathroom. Wanda handed me a brown wool blanket through the crack in the door, to wrap around myself. I walked back out in the living room. Wanda was cooking some dinner and Keisha was sitting on her couch watching some music videos on BET. I went to the kitchen and sat at the table and talked with Wanda. Wanda invited me to stay the night, after I helped them it was all she could do at least. Plus she mentioned that they didn?t have a dryer to dry my clothes, but they had a washing machine which later on she would wash my clothes in. She said I could sleep on the couch.Wanda let me know I didn?t have to worry about a husband or a boyfriend walking in on us. Because they didn?t have any. She explained that she just got out of a long term relationship. That she dated for about 2 years. She said it been awhile since she's been with another man. I stood up and walked around the kitchen as I spoke with Wanda. Sharing my downs on a broken relationship I went through. With knowing this woman for about an hour I felt like we knew each other for years. Because izmir escort bayan the way we related to each other as we talked. Keisha the outspoken one she was.Jumped up and said, "it's been awhile for me too, "Keisha let out a loud laugh as she jerked the blanket off my body. I stood there in the kitchen nude with my cock standing straight up! Wanda turned her back to me because she was embarrassed on what Keisha did. Keisha stood there looking up and down at my naked body. Keisha said "damn white boy you are very fine" Keisha told Wanda to turn around and look. Wanda turned around and bit her bottom lip. Keisha lead me to the couch. She sat me down. Keisha stripped off her shirt. She had c-cups with nice brown round nipples. Wanda came over she explained that she never has done anything so blunt like this before. So I took Wanda by her hand and pulled her into me.We kissed deeply. Now Keisha Was down in between my legs. Keisha started to kiss and lick across my cock. Wanda stood up and took off her robe. She had no bra nor panties on. She had an amazing body. Her breasts were about the same size as Keisha but her nipple were small. She had a very hairy bush that looked to be never shaved. Wanda sat beside me as I sucked and licked on her nipples when at the same time my hand was rubbing her clit. Keisha took my white cock into her mouth, her full lips felt so good. Keisha started to jack my cock off as she sucked on my balls. Keisha then stood up and said lets change positions. So I sat myself laying on the couch. Keisha took her panties off. Her pussy was trimmed. Keisha hovered over my face where the arm of the couch was. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy. Wanda was down in between my legs taking my cock deep into her mouth. It felt like I was in heaven!!As I was eating Keisha's sweet coochie, she was moaning out loud "Oh fuck yes, hell yes!Ohhhhhhhh baby slap my ass" escort izmir So as I was eating her out I was smacking her firm ass. Keisha started to cum so hard. Keisha was screaming "Oh my god!! Oh shit!! Yeah, yes!! "Wanda sucked my cock deep and hard as she massaged my balls. Keisha got up off my face. Then Wanda wanted some eating attention.So she climbed on top of my face. I buried my face into her hairy bush. Wanda whispered to me that she never has had her pussy eaten out. I nibbled on her clit as I had two of my fingers going in and out of Wanda. Then I slid my tongue deep into her love hole moving my tongue back and forth licking her inside deep. Keish got on top of me pushing down. My cock entered her pussy.Within seconds Wanda came. She got off my face and put her titties in my face as I sucked on her nipples. Keisha was riding me hard and fast. My hands were touching her titties. She got up off my cock and sat on the floor. I laid Wanda on her back and raised her legs over my head. I slid my cock into her pussy. I started out slow then medium. Keisha was on the floor watching us fuck as she finger fucked herself. Wanda was moaning out"oh yes!! Oh my, oh my this feels so good. . . . Ummmmmm"After awhile Wanda started to orgasm again her legs were shacking and I knew I was about to cum. So I pulled out and layed on the floor. Keisha starting sucking my cock when Wanda started to squeeze my balls. I blasted my load all over the both of them. They started to take turns cleaning it all off. We all went into the bedroom and layed sleeping. Then we got up about 3am and all three of us took a shower. Then we continued our love making in the bedroom until like 7 am.Then we all got up for some breakfast. Wanda and Keisha figured while I was on my vacation I could stay as long as I wanted. So I stayed there for two weeks. In the day light hours they showed me the sites of where they lived. At night we were in pure ecstasy. After my vacation we kept in touch and I came by on weekends and they came to my city on weekends. Night after night our sex gets better, but never like the first time we had our three-some.
25 Kasım 2021, at 00:25

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