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Stacy's Anal Delight

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Let me start by telling you a bit about my girlfriend. She is 24, about 5 foot eight inches weighing in at about 105 pounds with long dark hair, small 34 A breasts and a really tight ass. She looks great in anything she wears but especially in a mini-skirt and stockings (which she only wears for me during sex).

Anyway, about two years ago, Stacy (my girlfriend) and I were in bed when we decided to get hot and heavy with one another. I began to play with her pussy and eat her out while she sucked my cock like a pro. When she announced she was ready, she got on all fours and let me enter her from behind. I don't know why but I just started to whisper in her ear. I knew she liked to be called a tramp and a slut and even a whore when I fucked her but this time I told her to imagine that I was someone else and that she was fucking another guy. She loved it so much that she came very quickly.

Over time this has developed into something where I begin sex by telling her a fantasy story, during which we engage in mutual masturbation. Usually the stories involve erotik film izle Stacy being 'taken' by several men at once or other times she is 'forced' into having lesbian sex or to suck the cocks of men who have just fucked another woman in the ass.

Recently, Stacy has added another twist to the stories. One night I told her a story in which a man spanked her bottom before thrusting his hard cock up her butt and she loved it. Now when I tell her a story, she lies on her tummy and asks me to spank her during the story. So I usually start by rubbing her ass with my hand before beginning a gentle but firm spank to one or other ass cheek. I continue to rub and pinch her cheeks and slide my fingers down her crack to her pussy. Then I spank her again and rub her cheeks some more. The thing that excites her most is that she doesn't know when I'm going to stop rubbing her cheeks and spank her. I don't follow a pattern so she can't get ready for my palm when I strike her. This means that each time I spank her ass it quivers and bounces nicely.

As her pussy becomes film izle wetter I slide my fingers into the juices and rub her juices into and around her asshole telling her what a dirty slutty whore she is for letting me rub her pussy juices all over her ass. When her asshole is wet enough I position a finger on her asshole and tease it. I ask her if she wants me to shove a finger up her ass and when she says 'yes' I ask her if she wants it up the ass because she is a whore. She knows that she has to reply positively or she won't get my fingers into her butt so she usually calls herself a whore and says things like 'Please put your fingers up my ass, I'm a slutty little whore and I love it up the ass. Let me be your slut.'

So I tell her to push her ass back onto my finger and work it up her ass herself. As she does this I encourage her to call herself a slut and continue telling her a story. I then continue to spank her and work another finger into her ass to work her up. At this stage Stacy is on all fours and gagging for cock. I make her beg for it before ordering seks filmi izle her to suck me before I enter her pussy. She uses her tongue like an expert, getting right under the foreskin and teasing the head until I remove it from her mouth. Then I move behind her and begin to squeeze my cock into her dripping pussy. It is always a tight squeeze when my fingers are stuck up her ass and I can actually feel my fingers pressing down onto my cock. I give her a few hard thrusting strokes and spank her ass while verbally abusing her until she comes.

The finale comes as I withdraw both my fingers and cock from her, leaving her empty. On some occasions I will stick my cock back in her mouth and let her finish me until I come in her mouth, other times I just jerk off while she kneels in front of me and lets me come on her small tits and beautiful face. On rare occasions when the anal action really gets to her she will invite me to fuck her in the ass and I really relish those moments. The feeling of my hard cock pushing past that ring and the satisfying feeling of incredible tightness of her rectum has to be felt to be believed. I always fuck her ass without a condom and always come in her ass when I do get to fuck it. Maybe someday she will actually suck me clean when I've finished with her ass.
14 Ocak 2022, at 11:16

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