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Carrie's Story Ch. 04

Post #1

Carrie had never been to such a fancy dance before, and she was taken aback at the all the pageantry of the event. It was sort of absurd, really, but it was an awful lot of fun! Ever since Kim had shown her how to do her hair and makeup and introduced her to tricks on how to better dress, Carrie had really enjoyed glamming it up.
She liked that phrase. Kim had taught her that, too. And now Carrie very much enjoyed turning heads.
It was fun to wind Tommy up, too! On the way to the dance, Tommy and she had made out in the front seat of his car. God only knows what Kim and George had been up to in the backseat, but from the sounds of things, it was clear that both had enjoyed themselves. With Tommy's hands on her breasts, and his tongue in her mouth, and then his kisses down her neck and her ear, by the time they got to the dance Carrie was flushed with excitement.
The hall that the prom was held in was sort of nice, or it looked nice tonight because it was dark and the lights were dim, and the streamers and false walls made it look like a movie set. If you looked more carefully, the tables were a bit shabby under the tablecloths, the plates were plastic, but so what? It was really fun to be here. And Carrie was very much looking forward to whatever Kim had planned for after, too!
Kim looked fabulous, as usual, this time dancing with George. He was at least twice her size, but he was light on his feet and was a very good dancer. Carrie watched Kim laugh with delight as George led her on the dance floor, spinning her out and back into his arms, her beautiful black gown occasionally flaring up to truly scandalous heights.
Well, it would be scandalous for most of the other girls. Maybe not so scandalous anymore from Carrie's perspective, but for Kim? Hah!
The last time Carrie had seen Kim and George together, Kim had been on her knees with George's cock in her mouth while Billy and two other naked, horny guys impatiently waited to strip her naked and take their turns with her which they all did, while Tommy took Carrie's virginity in the next room. For Kim, showing a flash of thigh at a dance was downright demure.
As for herself, she certainly had not been demure with Tommy! That was a wonderful evening full of first times for her. Carrie glanced up at Tommy, who smiled at her and moved the hand which had been at her waist a hand span lower to the top of her ass. She smiled up at him and he moved his hand even lower. It was exciting to be not so surreptitiously fondled right out there on the dance floor. He was not yet grabbing her ass itself or too obviously copping a feel of her breasts in view of everyone, yet. But that might be fun too! She laughed out loud at the wild wicked naughtiness of it all, throwing her head back and demanding a kiss.
Carrie knew that she and Tommy drew the eye of everyone, male and female. Her blonde hair set off his brown, and his light blue bow tie perfectly matched her dress. Together they made the most handsome couple. She sighed as she saw one of the cheerleaders glide past on Billy's arm, her face a thundercloud. Billy looked amazing, and Carrie had caught him checking her out. His date, Jessica, had always been a bit of a snot but the glare she gave Carrie as the couples danced past one another was over the top. Carrie refused to let Jessica or the other cheerleaders bother her, and she snuggled up into Tommy's chest.
An hour or so later, the two couples collapsed into the cheap chairs at their table. The other people from the table were still dancing or were otherwise occupied elsewhere.
Kim sat next to Carrie; the boys were on either side.
"You looked great out there, Kimmie," Carrie said to her friend with a smile.
"Thank you, sweetie," Kim gave her a big grin. "This is fun, right?"
"You are a great dancer," George said to Carrie, cutting into the conversation, his eyes alight with excitement.
"How would you even know?" Kimmie asked him, exasperated. "You spent the entire time staring at her tits."
"What...?" George said, trying to defend himself. "She's got a great rack."
Carrie and Kim simultaneously gave George an open-mouthed stare. "That's so rude!" Carrie said, not so secretly pleased.
"George," Tommy said, smiling and laughing, "You are as subtle as a brick."
Kim rolled her eyes at Carrie and turned her back on her date. "You want to come with me? I've got to... you know."
"Sure," Carrie replied, giving Tommy her shawl. "Guard that for me, please."
"With my life," Tommy said with mock gravity, taking Carrie's hand in his and kissing it.
"Whatever," Carrie snorted.
It was several hours into the dance, and the ladies' room was blessedly empty. The mad rush by all the girls to primp in the mirror at the start of the night had passed and the others were either out on the dance floor or already out on the town getting into who knows what kind of trouble.
Kim glanced over at Carrie, who now joined her at elvankentde yeni escortlar the mirror. Side by side, the girls each checked her hair and fixed her dress to her liking. Carrie pulled her dress down from her shoulders a bit and adjusted the neckline downward to better display her décolletage. Kim was pleased to see Carrie looking so bubbly and excited. It would make closing this deal that much easier.
"You like how Jessica and the other cheerleaders are so bitchy?" Kim said, checking and fixing her mascara.
"Not really," Carrie said, frowning, still playing with the front of her dress in the mirror. "Jessica looked so mean tonight. Why is that? I never did anything to her."
"No," Kim agreed, "But I have, to all the cheerleaders, and now they all think you did too."
"What? What did you do?" Carrie asked. She looked aghast, as though unable to imagine what Kim might have done but assuming the worst.
"What do you think?" Kim said, looking at Carrie with surprise. "I've been fucking their boyfriends for the past six months. None of the cheerleaders are too happy about me getting all the attention from the guys on the team, but that's not my problem."
"Ooooh, and because I have been spending time with Tommy." Kim snorted when Carrie said "spending time" and Carrie blushed. "... They think..."
"Yup!" Kim said happily. "They think that you have been fucking their guys too! And since you and Billy have been having this thing going on now for years, Jessica has a reason to be worried!"
From her expression, Kim could tell that Carrie found that she very much liked the fact that the cheerleaders were afraid that she, Carrie, could lure their boyfriends away. Carrie was not used to being that girl.
Carrie started to protest about Kim's comment about Billy, but Kim gave her a look, and she subsided.
"Oh all right," Carrie admitted. "Billy is so hot tonight, isn't he?" She gave a snicker.
Kim nodded. "Oh yes, he is! And from the way he was watching you on the dance floor; I think he likes what he sees!"
Carrie blushed, and Kim gave her a wicked grin and changed the subject. "But Tommy and George are pretty cute tonight too, aren't they?"
"Oh my God. Yes!" Carrie agreed fervently. "What are we going to do, after?"
"Oh. Ho!" Kim said, looking admiringly at Carrie. "I think I've corrupted you!"
Carrie blushed briefly, but not nearly as deeply as she would have just a few weeks ago. "Oh, you have." She laughed at herself before turning back to the mirror and finalizing touches to her makeup. "You totally have."
"That's good because tonight we are both in full on slut mode!"
"Really?" Carrie turned to her friend, her eyes alight with anticipation. "What do you have in mind?"
"We are going to Tommy's love shack," Kim said, taking lipstick out of her purse and turning to look in the mirror again. "We can tease Tommy and George as much as we like here and on the way, but once we are inside, slut mode starts, and the guys get to play with us however they like."
Carrie's mouth dropped open. "We are going to... have sex with George and Tommy?"
"Tommy and George and Billy and Roger and...!" Kim thought to herself happily, but she did not voice those thoughts.
"Yes!" Kim said, brightly, looking at her friend with a lusty expression on her delicate face. "And it is going to be sooooo much fun! You just wait and see."
Carrie started to say something but then paused, and Kim could tell that while she was intrigued and excited by the idea, she was anxious at the prospect of multiple partners.
"How exciting was it when you saw the guys looking at us when we crossed the threshold into the shack? How fun was that, right?" Kim said.
"Oh my God. That was so exciting," Carrie breathed. "It was a little scary, seeing all the guys staring at me, wanting me..." Carrie's voice trailed off as she recalled the moment. She gave a little shiver of excitement.
Kim grinned at Carrie. "I love it when the guys are so clearly frustrated and excited. It makes me feel so... sexy and desired! But, when you were there that night, all those other guys were just drooling over you. And you were about ready to cream your panties right there."
Carrie blushed and didn't argue.
"And how fun have the last few weeks been?" Kim asked, demandingly. "You know that all the guys, not just Tommy and George, have been totally scoping you out and fantasizing about having you, right?"
"Really?" Carrie asked, just looking at Kim in disbelief.
"Look, Carrie," Kim said, taking her hands in her own. "Trust me on this, OK? Those guys want you more than anything in the world," Kim said to her friend, being deliberately vague with the use of the word 'guys.' "I'll bet we could get them to do anything--anything--to live out their fantasy with you, Carrie."
Carrie just looked wide-eyed at Kim.
"Oh my God! That is soooo hot!" bayan escort sincan Carrie said, her eyes wide with lust and anxiety. "Wh- What will happen tonight?" Carrie stammered, her mind moving too quickly to follow all her thoughts.
"That's the fun part of it!" Kim said with a tinkling laugh and a quick kiss on Carrie's lips. "All I know is that we are going to have so much fun!"
Kim flounced out of the bathroom, Carrie's hand in hers, happy that Carrie had not asked her to define 'guys.' Tonight was going to be interesting!
When the girls returned to the table, Tommy and George were waiting for them, bright eyed and obviously eager to start the after party. Tommy put her shawl around Carrie's bare shoulders as Kim shrugged into the sexy little top that went with her black gown. Carrie glanced at the dance floor and caught Billy's eye. He was watching her and Tommy over the top of Jessica's head.
Jessica was talking sharply to him, but he did not even notice.
Carrie remembered Jessica's look at her and how rude she had been to Carrie for the past several years. Without even thinking, she slipped free of Tommy's arm and scampered across the dance floor. Carrie grinned as she saw Billy stare at her in surprise and hope as she quickly closed the distance between them.
Jessica looked up at her date in surprise and turned her head to see what he was looking at just as Carrie arrived. Completely ignoring Jessica, Carrie stood up on her tiptoes and gave Billy a kiss on the cheek.
"You look so hot tonight," she purred. Then she kissed him on the lips as Jessica stared, open-mouthed and angry at Carrie. Carrie gave her an insolent look and glided on back to Tommy, George, and Kim, all of whom were watching her with open mouths.
"Is she watching?" Carrie asked Kim as she took Tommy's arm again and regal as a queen led him toward the door. After a brief moment of surprise, Kim followed, tugging a willing but slightly confused George in tow.
"Yousa bitch!" Kim congratulated Carrie, in surprise and awe. "Jessica glared at you the whole way out the door and if looks could kill... That was so funny! You are soooo bad, girl! I loved it!"
Then the two couples were outside, and the girls were holding hands and giggling happily as the guys led them toward Tommy's car. It was a warm summer night and the top to Tommy's Mustang convertible was down. Tommy opened the passenger side door, and George held the passenger seat forward so that Kim could get into the backseat first. In that dress, bent over getting into the seat, Kim's ass looked amazing.
Tommy whistled in appreciation and George gave him a high five over Carrie's head before tumbling into the rear seat after Kim.
As soon as he was in the car, George laughed happily because Kim wasted no time before plopping herself into his lap, sitting sideways but turning her face up to him. She pulled George's face down to hers for a kiss, which he provided with an eager passion. He had one hand on her breasts before starting its journey southward. His other hand wrapped around her neck and shoulders to keep her in position for him to more easily plunder her mouth with his tongue. Kim moaned and spread her legs to give George better access.
Carrie stood shocked until Tommy came up to her and turned her to face and leaned over her, pressing her aggressively against the car and pushing his tongue into her mouth. Carrie felt electricity shoot through her body as Tommy kissed her passionately, fondling her breasts and her back and her ass, right there in the parking lot. Carrie heard herself moaning as she gave herself into the forceful kiss.
After a few minutes, he broke the kiss and gave her a wink before helping her into the passenger seat ahead of him. He walked around the car to the driver's seat as Carrie buckled herself in. As Tommy got into the car, Carrie took one glance into the backseat. Kim was now lying across George's lap, her head bobbing up and down, her hair a luxurious pool of black ink spilled out across his lap like a shadow. George was leaning back, his eyes closed, one hand resting on her head, clearly immensely enjoying Kim's enthusiastic blowjob.
"What a little slut!" Carrie said happily to her friend. "Mmm-hmmm," came Kim's muffled voice. Her head did not stop moving and they had not even yet left the parking lot.
Carrie's happy laugh and the sound of the engine roaring to life covered the sounds of the sex play in the backseat.
As Tommy drove out of the parking lot and turned onto the county road, he reached over with his right hand to Carrie's knee and slowly moved up, lifting the hem of her gown as he went. "Open your legs," he instructed.
Carrie breathed in excitement at being directed by Tommy. She looked over at him, her pulse quickening, and her pussy moistening again and he glanced at her with a frown.
"Now," he said firmly.
Carrie spread her legs a couple inches and then wider when escort bayan etimesgut Tommy reached over and let his hand roam over her inner thighs. Carrie sighed with pleasure and settled into the seat to give Tommy better access, hoping that he would touch her pussy.
Tommy pulled the hem of her skirt up until he could access her. Carrie gasped at first contact and then spent the rest of the ten-minute drive whining and writhing in her seat as Tommy expertly fingered her. The combination of Tommy's fingers inside her and on her clitoris, coupled with her delicious anxiety of what sexual adventures she was about to experience caused Carrie to grab Tommy's hand as she crested with her first small orgasm of the night.
Tommy glanced over at her as she recovered, smiling his predatory, sexy and slightly scary smile. "We are going to have some fun tonight!"
"Yes--yes, I think so," Carrie said breathlessly as Tommy pulled up to the grassy yard that served as the parking area for his love shack. Carrie looked around, surprised that they had turned off the road without her even noticing.
Tommy turned off the car and opened his door. He came around to Carrie's side of the car, opened the door for her, and held out his hand to assist her out of the car.
George scrambled out of the car behind her and gave a happy cheer that was swallowed by the dark forest around them. Kim gave a yelp of surprise as George hauled her out of the car and wrapped her in his arms, his hands all over her body. Kim squirmed and blocked his hands and giggled as she tried to play defense for a little while. Kim's tinkling little laugh was a counterpoint to the muted sounds of the stream that ran unseen to the left of the road and the shack.
Tommy offered Carrie his arm, but Kim extricated herself from George's excited embrace and took Carrie's hand to hold her back for a moment.
"Give us a moment, guys," she said. Tommy nodded as George complained good-naturedly. The girls watched as the boys walked toward the shack, slim and gorgeous in their formal wear. George gave both the girls a longing look before reluctantly disappearing inside. A moment or so later, Carrie saw the lights come on.
Kim put her arms around Carrie and gave her a hug for a moment. "All the guys wanted to go with me tonight because they knew what was going to happen after. I chose to go with George because, next to Tommy, he is the best lover of the bunch."
Carrie looked at Kim, her eyes wide with anxiety and lust.
"They won the championship," Kim reminded Carrie, who nodded. "And we are their reward."
Carrie's senses heightened. She could feel the evening summer breeze on her legs and in her hair, and Kim's small hand seemed so soft and sensual. Carrie was brimming with sexual desire and excitement, touched through with a frisson of fear. She gave a little shiver and closed her eyes for a brief moment to collect herself.
"The guys are all really good lovers," Kim said, looking at Carrie. "And you don't have to worry, as long as you are ready."
Her night with Tommy and the petting that they had enjoyed after that were the extent of Carrie's sexual experiences, but Carrie was eager for more.
"It's not like last time when I took you home after Tommy's first round, where you are going to get fucked once," Kim explained, her eyes alight with joy, expectation, and anxiety as she gazed at her quiet friend. "Once we get inside, you and I are going to be busy until the boys are all satisfied."
Carrie closed her eyes for a moment, imagining herself crossing the threshold to the love shack, the boys all staring hungrily at her, wanting her. It was scary, but it was intoxicating at the same time. She took a breath to steady her nerves.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Kim standing before her, looking at her with an odd expression of excitement and worry. "Don't worry, Kimmie," Carrie laughed. "I'm ready!"
"Be ready for a lot, Carrie! We're the two slutkateers," she laughed wickedly, and with that oddly perverted Disney reference, the two girls enjoyed a brief hug and then, holding hands, flounced together up to the love shack, through the door and blew away the boundaries of Carrie's prior sexual experiences.
Inside the love shack, George was peering out a window. "Dude, Kim's not going to talk her out of this, is she?" George was clearly worried.
"No, man," Tommy reassured his friend. "There's no way. There's too much at stake for her, but more importantly, she wants to be part of the setup." Tommy shook his head at the wonder of it all.
"Oh man, that's hot," George said happily. "And anything goes, right?"
"No holes barred for Kim and Carrie," Tommy reassured George. "Except the ass. We don't get the ass."
"Oh, I don't care," George said happily, rubbing his hard cock through his pants, "I've been dreaming of this night for soooooo long."
"No shit," Tommy agreed, glancing out the window at the two girls. Carrie was quite animated, and then she gave Kim a hug and the girls headed toward the building. In their finery, they looked like angels if angels were ever flushed, horny, and ready to fuck.
"OK here they come," Tommy said, ignoring George's snicker at the unintentional double entendre. "Follow my lead."
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