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Fun, Dirty Girl, Ch. 07

Post #1

"Aren't you happy for me?"
"I'm happy. I'm glad you had a good time."
It was late, and Tammy was calling to tell me about the latest sex-capade she'd just had. About how some new guy had measured up -- bigger and better than expected. About how he'd put her legs up on his shoulders and pounded her for a good 20 minutes, hitting all her trigger spots.
"Sometimes it's so intense I feel it all the way to my toes -- and ears."
All the other juicy details: how it felt to have him stretching her tight, how many times she came, the look on his face and sounds he made when he got off. And how she'd taken a look at the condom after he pulled it off and was surprised by how much he'd filled it up.
"You don't sound that happy."
"I'm always happy to hear about your fun, and I appreciate that you share it with me."
"Does it excite you?"
"You know it does."
"But is it exciting you now? Making you hard?
The pause before answering was a beat too long, and she picked up on it.
"Just a bit tired," I said. "You must be, too."
"Yeah, but in a good way. I'm still keyed up. And I'm worried about you. You sound bummed."
I was. I'd been thinking about my former lover. Tammy was a pleasant diversion, but sometimes it made me wistful, wanting something more. Still, I'd accepted her rule that we never fuck -- that our encounters were all oral and manual, spiced with naughty and kinky talk. In a way she was right, it kept everything uncomplicated. We'd never work as a regular relationship, with the 12-year difference in our ages and the different circumstances of our lives.
She likes being able to confide and tell her secrets without getting judgment back. She gives me something I need though not all I want. But it's also her point of power in the quirky relationship we have. And, frankly, it was starting to drive me a bit nuts. Let's face it, she's hot, young desirable. And the more the last frontier is denied, the more I ached to attain it.
Every time I slide my fingers into her tight, juicy sleeve and massage her g-spot, I imagine how incredible it would feel gripping my cock. When she's sucking me to the brink or I'm licking her into a frenzy, it's all I can do to keep from pinning her down and giving her a good drilling. I imagine the whole slip and slide, the slap, slap, slap of skin on skin, the look of surprise on her face. And, yes, the whole sensation of letting go and shooting deep inside.
But I know that afterwards there might be regret and remorse for breaking a trust. And that would probably be the end of us. I enjoy what I have with Tammy too much, so I play by her rules.
"Do you want me to make you feel better?"
"No, it's fine. I'm... wait, there's somebody at my door."
"It's me, silly. Let me in. And you can answer the door with nothing on."
I had on gray sports shorts. She still had the phone to her ear and a sly grin on her face. She had on a very sheer black top that did little to conceal her braless tits and their perky points.
"Haven't you had enough for one day?"
"This is just for you."
She took me by the hand to the couch, laid me down, peeled off my shorts and proceeded to give me a toe-curling handjob, adding saliva for lubrication. She didn't want any reciprocal action, though she pulled up her shirt and let me rub her boobs. When I reached lower she maneuvered so I could work a couple of fingers under the leg of her shorts into her recently fucked pussy, which was as steamy as a primordial swamp.
Tammy knows exactly what to do and say to make me want to sell my soul to ensure she'll keep saying it and doing it.
"I love your cock in my mouth. The way you taste."
She danced a sensuous salsa with the tip of her tongue in the opening of my cock, creating a fluttery sensation that reached deep into my balls. She applied just the right amount of pressure to the magic spot near my ass, the sensitive taint.
"Do you like that?
Do you want to cum in my mouth?"
"Do you want to taste it on my lips?"
When my hips began to arch, she formed an O with her lips and stroked the shaft faster until I cried out and fired a flurry of creamy volleys into the warm, wet the target.
She never flinched or took her eyes off mine until the flow abated and the last spurt dribbled off her lip and down her chin like a drip from a melting ice cream cone. She scooped it with a finger and deposited it on her tongue, already coated with whiter frosting. She hovered over me, lips parted enough to let me see it, her eyes dancing with mischief.
I knew what she was suggesting, and I couldn't resist. I guided her up slowly, bringing her face closer until her lips were just above mine. Tantalizingly, she extended her tongue, bowed her head slightly and let a stream of fresh cream flow into my mouth.
We'd done this before, and I had taken a liking to the taste of my own cum, especially when Tammy fed it to me. I pulled her mouth to mine so I could savor the slippery, tangy tonic on her lips and tongue. This was the kinkiest thing we'd done ankara dansöz escortlar together, and I was in no hurry to let her go. She seemed to like it, too, and she continued to massage my tongue with hers while I stroked her back, enjoying the warmth of her body, particularly the pressure of her breasts on my chest.
Finally, she got up. Without a word, she kissed the head of my cock, pulled down her shirt, blew me a departure kiss and left with the same sly grin as when she arrived.
The next day I got a text message: "I know what's wrong."
A few minutes later she called my cell. No hello, her first words were, "How long since you've gotten laid? I mean, you know, really laid?"
The only response to that is to laugh. She was insistent.
"You know it's been quite a while."
"Aren't you still playing in the band?"
"I thought musicians always got laid. Aren't there plenty of available chicks at your gigs?"
She was right, I probably was passing up some chances for recreational romps with some of the women I chatted with during breaks and after shows. I just hadn't felt motivated to pursue or follow through on anything lately. Not that I was living like a monk. Nor were my recent inclinations all that rational.
There is a woman, Christine, who had attracted my attention in some of the 5K races I run. She's a leggy blond with a great body who runs very well. I'd had trouble catching her in a couple of races, which gave me a good chance to assess the rear view and motivated me to run faster. The shocker was when I checked the race results and found out she's a lot older than me. Christine's almost 50. It didn't seem possible, but when I got a close look at her you could tell she's no young chick. Still, she is very attractive and extremely fit, which made her all the more intriguing. I also learned that she was married.
"Nothing's really worked out lately," I told Tammy.
"I have a friend who has a similar problem."
"What sort of friend?"
Tammy giggled.
"You know what? You tasted good last night. Mmmm."
"Come on, who?"
"I'll have to find out more. But I get the feeling she's aching for it."
Understand, the episode that eventually ensued took some time to develop. I didn't bring it up again, and over the next few weeks the thought of Tammy's "friend" drifted out of my mind. During that time I didn't have a lot of contact with Tammy. I did spank her again after she confessed she'd been slacking off in a couple of classes at the community college. I told her she'd get it again if she didn't shape up. Perhaps that wasn't the best motivation considering her naughty tendencies and her liking of the consequences. She did accept my offer for some tutoring assistance.
After proof-reading a research paper for her, I called to tell her she could pick it up and that I had some suggestions about it. For some reason she insisted I drop it off where she worked. I was curious to see the infamous auto body shop and some of the characters I'd heard about, so I stopped by with the paper. That's when I met Victtoria, the other girl in the office. She's dark and sultry, from somewhere South American, I figured. Argentina, it turned out.
She was friendly and her hand felt warm and inviting when she extended it after Tammy's introduction. Her eyes were captivating and her smile melted me. I took inventory of her alluring curves when she walked to a file cabinet. Tammy noticed and grinned.
"What's the story on your friend Victtoria?" I asked later when Tammy called to go over my suggestions for her paper.
"She seems really nice. Very attractive."
"I told you, she's lonely."
"Her? That's the one?"
"Mmmm, Hmmm."
"How could she be lonely?"
"It's not like she doesn't have guys coming on to her all the time. She has a boyfriend back in Argentina. She's trying to stay loyal. It's starting to drive her crazy."
"She told you that?"
"She's surprising. Real sweet girl. Turns out when you get to know her she's not as innocent as she looks. She said lately she's got sex on her mind all the time. I asked what she does about it and she got all embarrassed and whispered that she has a couple vibrators she uses. I told her she should get a Pocket Rocket for an extra special buzz. We went to lunch and I took her into this adult store near work and got her to buy one."
I realized I was getting hard as she related this, imagining Tammy and her exotic South American friend browsing in the adult toy store.
"She tried to act shy, but her eyes got real big looking at all the rubber schlongs and things. I told her how much I like the Pocket Rocket. She took it home and the next day she blushed when I asked about it. She said it helped to get herself off -- actually she said, 'take care of things.' But the problem is she can't stop thinking about feeling the weight of a guy on top of her and feeling him filling her up. I said I can relate to that. She knows I'm pretty active and I think she's envious. Now that I'm getting to know her better she asks me what this guy's like and elvankent saatlik veren escortlar that one. I said why doesn't she have some fun, and she said she's afraid if she fooled around it would lead to complications. So I told her I had a special friend who just takes care of certain needs with no strings attached."
"What did she think of that?"
"I think she thinks I'm a little crazy, which I am. But she was really curious. That's why I asked you to come by today."
"I think she liked you."
Another week passed and she continued to feed me bits of information about Victtoria. The sultry Argentinian was becoming more open with her intimate feelings as their friendship grew. She liked the Pocket Rocket, but it wasn't enough. One day she told Tammy she was so horny she felt like going into the restroom at work to relieve the tension.
"I said, 'Go ahead, I jill off in there whenever I need to. It helps.' That flipped her out."
Tammy shrugged.
"I told her I'd go in first and warm things up, so to speak. She said, 'How will I know you really did it?' I told her, I'm not going to go in there and pretend to get off and not have the fun of actually doing it. I said if you don't believe me you can come in and watch."
"What did she think of that?"
"She got all embarrassed. But I think the thought of it kind of excited her. She got quiet after that. She's a hard one to figure. She's one of these touchy-feely people that will put her hand on your arm when she's talking to you. Or she'll come up to my desk to ask me about something on an invoice, and she'll casually put rest hand on my shoulder. I'm never completely sure if it's just her way of being friendly -- maybe it's an Argentinian thing -- or if she's flirting and trying to tell me something."
Tammy proposed a contest to see who could get off faster. Victtoria thought about it for a while. Just before lunch she came up behind Tammy's desk, leaned close and said, "OK, but you first."
"Wow. Did you go through with it?" I was squeezing my cock as she talked, rubbing the head through two layers of material.
"Of course I did. You know me well enough by now. I was already wet when I got in there."
"What were you wearing?"
"Tight black pants. I pulled them down, sat on the toilet and fingered my clit like crazy. I could see my face in the mirror, and I kind of gasped out loud when I came. It was one of those where my whole body shook. I pressed hard against my pussy and kept cumming and cumming."
"What did she say when you came out. Do you think she believed you did it."
"My face was still kind of red. She looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I just walked up the desk where she was sitting and waved my finger quickly past her nose and said, "Your turn."
"Think she could smell your pussy on your finger?"
"The look she gave me made it all worth it. She definitely thinks I'm crazy."
"But she played along with your crazy game?"
"I told her, 'Don't wash your hands.' She was in there for a good while. I went over to the door and tried to listen, but a customer came in. I was still with him when she came out. She just looked at me with a guilty expression and it was all I could do to keep from cracking up. The guy finally left and I said, 'Guess I won. You took longer.' She looked embarrassed, so I said, 'Not that it matters. It's not like anybody really loses.' So I grabbed her hand to check for the evidence. 'I said there's the proof. Mission accomplished.' "
"What did she say?"
"She smacked me. We both cracked up. I think I'm influencing her to my ways."
"Did she smell sexy?"
"Mmmm. Made me want to do it again. And take her in there with me."
Tammy made another of her late-night visits as I was watching a West Coast ballgame on TV. These unannounced episodes are like a bonus dessert and I always welcome the sound of her knock.
This time she was barely in the door when she began kissing me urgently and rubbing her breasts against my chest. She nibbled my ear and whispered, "Put your hand in my pants."
She arched her back as my fingers snaked down into her shorts and under the elastic of her panties, which were so soggy they made a squishy sound. Her pussy wasn't just soaked, there was a super slickness that suggested an extra additive, some sort of sexual STP. Thinking about what may have produced it had me tenting my shorts even before her insistent fingers found my shaft and began squeezing and tugging.
"Rub me hard."
I did, sliding my fingers the length of her slit from steamy hole to swollen clit. I circled it, stroked it, prodded it and pinched it. She was almost panting as her tongue danced in my mouth, seemingly everywhere at once. My fingers paused for a beat, then fluttered over and around her clit. She went off, writhing and moaning as she kept her lips clamped to mine and we breathed as one.
I kept my hand buried between her legs as she rode it out and pumped my cock. She yanked my shorts down and continued tugging as her other hand etimesgut azeri escortlar reached lower and massaged the sensitive spot at the base of my balls.
"Let me know when you're close."
"Getting there fast."
Tammy kept pumping until the churning sensation started deep inside. We were on the verge of buttermilk, and she sensed it coming. She pulled her shorts and panties away from her stomach enough to create an opening and hissed, "Cum on me."
Right on cue, surge after surge of creamy whiteness painted her abdomen and pubic swell. She gave a satisfied squeal and began spreading it around on her skin.
"That feels so hot and nasty."
"Kind of describes you. What got you so revved up?"
"Just had a threesome with a friend and her boyfriend."
"The same ones as a couple weeks ago?"
"No. Different friend, Rachel. I never played with them before. She stopped by work and we went for lunch. She's been telling me about this guy and how he drives her wild. It just kind of worked out that I got to hang out with them and we got off on each other. The best part was watching him fuck her, seeing it going in and out of her puss and how she couldn't get enough. I keep thinking about it and I just had to get off again. Hope you don't mind."
So what about the woman from work, the one from Argentina?
"She met Rachel when she came by. She'll hear all about it. I'll tease her with it. Let her know something happened and make her work to get it out of me. Tell her a little bit at a time. Let her think about it and get all worked up. Then, who knows what might happen?"
Tammy winked. She pulled her hand slowly out of her pants and held it up for me to see the creamy coating. Smiling slyly, she gave her fingers an ice cream cone lick, then scooped a dab and slipped it into my mouth.
"Gotta go. Dream about me."
Tammy called in the afternoon to say that she and Victtoria were going for drinks after work.
"You going to be around tonight? Maybe if I can steer it right we'll stop by later."
I added some incentive. Said I was making paella. Actually I wasn't. You don't make paella for yourself. But I was in the mood to make it, and they'd given me an incentive. So I went to the store and bought shrimp, clams, chicken, the works. Now they'd better show up.
They arrived already smiley and giggly. Margaritas after work will do that. Especially combined with the teasing tales Tammy took delight in telling Victtoria. She'd described the latest threesome in tantalizing detail as only Tammy can.
When Victtoria excused herself to use the bathroom, Tammy rubbed up against me and said, "I told her about your talented tongue, too. I told her how much I like what you do with it. I know she could use some of that, and she knows it, too."
I blushed and watched in amazement during the course of the evening as Tammy worked on her new friend, "steering" her as every man dreams of doing with a woman, showing her the way. Tammy knew just how to play it.
When Victtoria returned from the bathroom, Tammy intercepted her with a glass of sangria I had poured. Giving her a sip, taking one herself and saying something I couldn't hear. Then they were dancing. Tammy, of course, instigating, getting it started. I stood back watching them move, admiring their bodies and the joy of their dancing. Young girls having fun, it's always beautiful to behold.
Tammy glanced at me, smiled and waved me over. I'd put on the Arctic Monkeys, cranked up the volume. When I approached, Tammy took another sip of sangria, held it for Victtoria, then handed it to me. I tasted some of the sweet drink as Tammy moved closer to Victtoria, put her hands on the other girl's hips and began slithering up and down. Victtoria responded by placing her hands on Tammy's sides, and soon the girls were moving in sensual sync, soft parts bumping and sliding together, punctuated with smiles and giggles.
The kiss was inevitable. Victtoria hesitated for an instant, but Tammy didn't allow time or space to retreat. Tammy knew, this girl needed to be kissed. Ached for it. I was mesmerized watching it.
Tammy motioned me closer, reached for my hand and pulled me in to join them in a three-way shuffle. Now I had a close-up view of the kiss, Tammy the aggressor, Victtoria tentative, eyes closed but not pulling away. I slipped a hand down the back of Tammy's pants and ran a finger into the crack of her ass to her tight rear opening. It's a kink we share, and she's always receptive.
When we'd get into backdoor play, I'd always whisper close to her ear, "You're such a dirty girl." She'd nip my lower lip with her teeth and hiss, "But I'm so much fuckin' fun."
This time I leaned close and sucked on an earlobe. She gave me a sidelong look, moved her feet apart and arched her back, at the same time pressing up against Victtoria's breasts and resumed kissing the breathe out of her.
My other hand stroked Victtoria's back, fingertips gradually moving lower in small circles onto the jaunty flare of her ass. She was wearing a jeans skirt and a gauzy peasant blouse. I could feel the heat of her body as I moved my hand up her back and down toward her ass, passing over a narrow opening of soft skin where her blouse ended. I let my fingers linger for an instant before retracing the same path, my hand moving in a seductive rhythm. We were now three rocking as one, body heat rising.
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