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Late for My Date Ch. 04

Post #1

I turn my head from Katie and look at Tall. My eyes train on him for that extra second, you know, the look that someone gives you when you say stupid shit. It just seems to me that even when (especially when?) we're all feeling this extreme freedom, you don't tell your buddy how to fuck a woman. Not his wife, not a perfect stranger, not someone in between. If he asks for advice, then, yeah man, tell him everything. But Stubble was doing just fucking fine! Katie was enjoying the extra slow fingering. In fact, I feel as if I learned a little something.
(Note to self: get Katie on all fours, finger her slowly, easily, and deliberately. I owe Stubble a beer!)
In any case, Katie takes some initiative. Maybe Tall's words have encouraged her and she's ready to get fucked hard. She reaches back and takes Stubble by the wrist, making sure his horny fingers stay where they are for a moment, while rotating onto her back. (I'm watching in awe, but I guess it's all the pilates?) Now she takes his fingers out, reaches for his throbbing cock, and guides him right into her.
They say you don't know how's it's going to feel sharing your woman. A million thoughts go through my mind between the time Katie reaches for Stubble and that first time a penis that doesn't belong to me makes contact with her labia, presses onward, and quietly disappears under her bush and skin.
Having read a few stories online from guys who have had fully aroused reactions and a few who were traumatized by the experience, I've been wondering for years which way I'll go. I've taken a female friend to a swingers' club and was surprised that, not only was it OK, but I found it hot, when some men groped her. But no one fucked her at the club, nor was this friend someone I had deep feelings for. This time is different.
Then there's the college friend of mine, the first guy I ever knew who had a threesome. Totally good dude. Years later I found a video of him online (clothed) at some sex forum. He was some kind of guest speaker. He was funny, but also as open sexually as I want to be and as I'd like people around me to be.
Among other things, my friend in the video relates the first time he shared his girlfriend. He wasn't sure how he'd be until it happened. Exactly what I'm experiencing in this quick transaction. For the record, my buddy was into it.
For the record, I'm into it.
I want to kiss Katie a lot. It's why I brought her water, after all (if she thinks I was being a gentleman, we'll go with it). But I also want to watch Stubble fuck her.
If I was curious to see how it would feel to see Katie getting fucked, there's something I didn't see coming. Stubble is fucking Katie well. Not too different from his approach to fingering her, Stubble's thrusts are almost painstakingly slow, deep, and accurate. That is, he hits her spots.
What I didn't see coming, though, is that I'm enjoying seeing him fuck her this well, and mostly of all, I'm enjoying how much she's enjoying it. While we're kissing and while Stubble is doing his thing, two or three times Katie convulses and grips the back of my scalp and yanks my hair.
Tall, on the other hand, is slowly freaking out. With Stubble occupying Katie's bottom half and me with my hands and mouth on her face, Tall is looking for a way back in the game. He sidles next to his friend and enjoys a view similar to Stubble's: a gorgeous and trimmed pussy attached to a beautiful and occasionally writhing body and a sweet, ecstatic face up at my end. Plus the erect cock slowly and methodically disappearing into and re-emerging from the trimmed pussy.
Tall's patience for the great view, though, is limited. He's going to insert himself (not literally) into the equation. "Look at her," he murmurs either to himself or to Stubble.
"She's hot," Stubble answers back.
"Look at her. Look at that body. Look at her."
Stubble feeds off of Tall's goofy rhetoric. "She's great."
"Look at that sweet pussy."
"Great fuckin pussy," Stubble responds quietly but with some intense intensity to his voice.
"Look at that body. Look at those tits!"
"I know!"
Something shifts for Stubble at this point. Slow, methodical thrusts become faster, abandoned, but still deep - and maybe deeper.
"Look at her, man! Look at her! Fuck her. FUCK HER!"
Katie rips her mouth away from mine and says something for the first time since I got her her water. Deep and breathy, "Fuck me, you motherfucker. FUCK ME!"
Stubble's thrusts pick up speed. And force.
I don't know if Stubble was pointed in this direction all along or if his friend's gang bang pep talk set him in motion. The only way to know would be to see him fuck someone else. Or rather, fuck someone without a drill sergeant raising the volume.
More than a drill sergeant, Tall evokes the image of a coxswain, exhorting a squad (in this case Stubble and me) to push harder and advance beyond our perceived limits. I'm fact, while ankara evi olan escortlar not exactly screaming himself hoarse, Tall's exhorting betrays an urgency, some excitement, a room full of testosterone, and of course, whatever ingredients went into that funky martini.
"Fuck her... Fuck her... Fuck her..."
Tall has found his temporary metier imploring his buddy to fuck my beautiful Katie harder and harder. Deep, violent, well placed thrusts shake her body; her creamy tits jostle together as if choreographed. Katie drives fingernails deep into the skin of my back.
It's almost impossible to keep on kissing her with all the motion and shaking. I move down and take her right breast in my mouth. Having my tongue brushing across her erect nipple will add to the arousal Stubble is providing. Tall swoops in and takes her left breast with a firm, aggressive squeeze.
Katie precipitously reaches that next level, then, a volcanic orgasm and howling like sounds I've not heard from her. I'm happy for her. I've lost track of the number of times she's come (but then I always do). She's had a number of explosive orgasms, she's been flirted with and groped (in a fun setting) and admired and fucked hard. Fucked well. She's been breathing heavily for some time: before and after the orgasms.
Katie's next move is funny. Predictable and maybe a cliché, but if there's a reason tourists go see the Statue of Liberty when in New York, I suppose she's doing the thing you're supposed to do when getting fucked by three guys. She reaches down my chest, down, down, and takes hold of my still-hard cock. Her left hand finds its way to Tall's again-hard cock. Of course.
I know women who don't have this fantasy. The fantasy of being bathed in cock and handling a multitude of us. One of my favorite things about Katie, besides her gorgeous ass and the Latin nerdery, is that she'll let herself fantasize and she might be as crazy as I am. I look down and smile at her, but she's still busy getting shagged by Stubble.
Stubble has begun slowing down, at least in the frequency of his deep thrusts, but there is still force and depth. Each deep thrust elicits a deep gasp from Katie, accompanied by fierce squeeze of my dick, and, I'm guessing. Tall's. I haven't had the chance to check on that as there's so much else going on. Maybe the reason some women don't want multiple men on their bodies is the distraction of multi-tasking?
For me, though, I see Katie's sweet, warm pussy invaded by a thick, yet almost surgical, stiff cock. Her gorgeous breasts continue to dance in response to the heaves and jolts from the pelvis area. Her face, as always but never more so, is lovely. The natural beauty and blissful eros added to it make her a vision. But I've not forgotten her soft right hand tightly gripping me.
With my guard down just for a second, Stubble snaps me out of my happy little haze. "Awwww, fuck, I'm coming!"
"Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!"
Stubble is over the edge. He groans and begins gently slowing down like the arriving steam train. I'm in awe of what I've witnessed. Not Stubble's performance per se. More like the whole thing. I'm the only person in the room who hasn't had an orgasm this evening, but there's a calm both inside and out. Stubble is still inside Katie, but he's calm, with one hand on her thigh and the other idly combing through her pubic hair with his fingertips. And now I'm watching this, mesmerized.
Tall, who may have overstepped earlier, is peaceful too. Turns out he enjoyed the performance from Stubble and Katie. He's happy, I'm sure, to have Katie's hand on him; he's reciprocating by lazily squeezing her left breast, releasing it, and seeing it return to its natural shape. Also mesmerizing.
Katie, on the other hand, is still going strong. She rises to her knees and gives Stubble an aggressive and brief peck on the lips, then turns around to me. She kisses me on the neck and works her way down. My chest, my abs, and then my very erect and chin-pointing dick is pressed against her lips.
"Wait." She stands and is still the hottest thing you've ever seen. She walks back to the kitchen area and returns with her phone. She taps at it for a second and hands it to Stubble. "I told you I'd want some souvenirs."
"Push the red button?"
"Action," Katie drawls, slightly above a whisper. "Make a hot movie. But no pressure!"
Where I previously thought my dick couldn't possibly get any harder, what blood I had left over for fucking Katie and maybe a modicum or two of cortical activity flows steadily to my genitals. `Think, Jeff. Be cool.'
I stagger to my feet and intercept Katie before she can get back down on the cushion. I want to make it last. Of course it has lasted like a motherfucker and we're all playing with house money. But when you approach the finish line, you're inspired to finish strong. I kiss her more aggressively than usual. We're in no-holds-barred territory and my tongue elvankent olgun escortlar probes farther than normal. Her tongue fights back with rare ferocity.
Both of my hands are on her bare ass. Right where they belong. I attempt a playful spank, but the sound of palm on flesh resonates throughout the room and indicates perhaps a little more force than necessary. Katie makes something of a purring sound, blunted by my open mouth flush against hers. So, I guess not.
Together our bodies begin to bend, then we are on our knees, still kissing like desperate high schoolers. Katie backs away as she returns to her all-fours. Tall's been waiting. I surprise myself. "Take her." Tall may have been waiting for the checkered flag, I don't know. He doesn't acknowledge my offer. No smile, no words, no nod of his head. He takes a long look at her ass in an almost contemplative way. Both hands rub her buttcheeks with motions that extend halfway up her back. Katie and I have a moment of eye contact. I see intensity and bliss. Also trust.
My vantage point isn't ideal, but it's pretty obvious that Tall is now fingering her gently. Only long enough, though, for him to set her up. In a second he's got his hands on her hips and in a moment his abdomen is flush up against her ass. There's no guesswork. Katie's eyes pop wide open. She even cracks a smile at me. I've seen this smile before; it's different from her normal smile. This is her big-cock-in-me-from-behind smile. I've seen it before, of course, but never when face-to-face.
Compared to Stubble's technique, what Tall is doing to Katie is fairly ordinary (if you can describe fucking a beautiful women with two other guys in the room as ordinary). He slams into Katie from behind with his own fairly slow rhythm, but faster than how Stubble started out. Her eyes shut for a minute as she gets used to Tall. She's thrilled with the scenario, I think.
As Tall has settled into a groove, Katie takes one hand off the rug, opens her eyes to find my very ready cock, and guides me into her mouth. I'm not interested in coming exactly when Tall comes, or, for that matter, when Katie comes. No goals, except to enjoy. Take it all in. I think about the view. Normally when Katie blows me from this position, I enjoy the view down her back, all the way to the top part of her buttocks, where she is bent. And those buttocks are still visible, but this time there's a dude right behind her on the luckiest night of his life.
Tall's thrusts have sped up and Katie's face begins to tighten up. I hope she doesn't bite my dick off, is one thought. Most blowjobs are executed with no such distractions. I assume she will not. Then, when her torso begins to contract, then convulse a little, I know. I am one lucky beneficiary of her orgasm with Tall. Her lips tighten around my cock and I'm at a new level.
Receiving a blowjob is almost by definition a passive experience. You can just sit there (literally!) and let your partner do all the work. But the tightening of Katie's lips around my shaft has thrown me into a new stratum. I don't want to be on the receiving end of a blow job. I want to fuck her in the mouth.
I gently remove Katie's hand from me and place it back on the rug opposite her other hand. She's going to need to stabilize and balance. I move my right knee back just a little bit as I hold Katie by each side of her head. She instinctively positions her mouth so that I might drive my cock deep into her waiting mouth. It's perfect. She can take it and I can bring it. I'm fucking her in the mouth and she quakes a little - I wonder if it's after effects of her last orgasm or the next one on the way.
Tall's pace has increased. Katie is being shaken and moved every which way, especially her breasts, now hanging down but still moving together with every thrust from behind. Tall begins slapping Katie's ass in concert with his thrusts, then begins to sigh.
Mostly I've been watching Katie: walking away and looking stunning to retrieve her phone, taking an erect cock (mine) in her mouth, the way her torso shakes, rattles, and rolls when she climaxes; her perfect tits jiggling to the action. But I glance across at Tall, and he's grimacing and contorting his face, exhaling, spanking Katie again. He's coming again.
Katie is still getting fucked aggressively in the mouth by me. But she hikes herself up for a second so that she can reach back with one hand and clamp onto Tall's rear, keeping him pressed against her. Tall reciprocates by reaching around and holding her tightly against him. He's not going anywhere just yet.
With that business settled, Katie returns to all-fours, and just in time. She keeps one hand on the rug for some balance, although Tall is holding her fairly steady, and takes me by the balls with the other. I have both hands on her head, but my right leaves to grab a breast.
Then the ham in me kind of takes over. Remembering that Stubble is filming us, I go for posterity. etimesgut sarışın escortlar I flip Katie on her back.
Tall is thinking almost alongside me. With Katie now on her back and exposed in some of the more ultimate senses of the word, Tall, remembering how effective Stubble's brand of foreplay was, slides two fingers into Katie's dripping wet pussy.
I slow down my oral assault on her for a second because, knowing Katie, I think she'll come again. In fact, it happens quickly. Her face clenches, her ribs twitch, and she moans as loudly as a woman with an erect penis in her mouth can possibly moan.
Her eyes smile radiantly.
My turn. "I'm gonna fuck you in the mouth while he's doing that." Her eyes widen and she nods.
At this point I'm so close to the edge that just saying these words causes some juice to trickle out. She nods again and makes a sound that I can only interpret as "mm-hmm" or "uh-huh." I drive deep into her mouth thinking that there's a part of my sweet and brilliant girlfriend likes being manhandled this way.
Thoughts like this, the visual, the dude videoing, and of course how it feels physically all overpower me. Different areas of my brain are no longer communicating clearly. When that tsunami that starts simultaneously in my knees and in my chest reaches my penis, I withdraw. Almost.
The head of my dick is pressed up against Katie's mouth. She's gasping for air, then cream floods her. I'm on her lips, inside her mouth, her chin, her neck, her tits. Several forceful, warm streams are covering the area. With a free hand I find one of Katie's and squeeze her tight.
My girlfriend is finally done. She's had ? no, we've had ? our wildest night. Katie was admired by two horny young guys. That's nothing new. They continued to flirt with and come on to her even after I showed up at the bar. Said guys got a green light from me to hit on her and did they ever hit.
She was ogled and groped at a bar with me witnessing. She made out with our new friend; we left the bar with these two guys. She's fucked and sucked the three of us and now that sexual energy is extinguished. She pulls away from Tall and wriggles backward into my open torso. My arms reach out and hold her around her chest. She's always liked my arms. She bends her head forward and puts her lips on the crook of my elbow, leaving them there.
Stubble reaches across us with Katie's phone, placing it on the couch. She smiles at him, then buries her mouth back in my arm. He smiles back, but shoots me a quick, sly look. "You won't be disappointed."
Thinking about our ultimate return to our respective spouses, I whisper in Katie's ear that perhaps we should shower. (We both like to return home smelling like ourselves and not like a hops-fueled gang bang.) Katie likes the idea for that reason as well as a few others. She tells Tall we'd like to take a quick shower before moving on; he shows us the way.
We've been discussing multiples almost since we met. One of our themes has been that in the end it's just the two of us. I like that. So now I wonder how she'll react when Stubble asks if we'd mind if he watch.
She looks at me and my face shrugs. She laughs and tells him it's fine. The shower is in a glass enclosure, a little smallish, but perfect, I'd say, for certain voyeur/exhibitionist permutations. And I wonder if this was part of the appeal to Tall when he chose this apartment.
Our goal is to clean up, literally, and return to our daytime states of appearance and smell. I don't know if Katie operates this way if we're not being watched, but her slutty porn star instincts kick in. As do my own.
I make sure her breasts are squeaky clean and also make sure there's hot, sudsy water up and down her buttcrack. Katie soaps up my dick and balls; when everything down there is good and clean, she kneels and takes me in her mouth again.
She is both slut and angel. The view of her giving head with hot water raining down on her soft skin and beautiful features is unforgettable. I see out of the corner of my eye that Stubble is jerking off.
Katie stands back up and faces me, rubs soap all over my chest and shoulders, then notices Stubble's activity. She turns off the water, grabs a towel and alternately dries herself and me. I love her hands on me. "I'm going to blow him, then we'll go."
We step out of the shower stall; Katie, wrapped in a towel from her thighs to her armpits, kneels and takes over for Stubble's hand. I leave them alone to go get my clothes. Back at the crime scene, Tall is snoozing on the couch. I pull my clothes back on and return to check on Katie and Stubble. Her towel is off and her head is bobbing on Stubble's erect cock with some speed. Stubble has his left hand on the back of her head. He reaches across with his right and grips a towel bar. He lets out a deep "Uuuugh" and shoots his final load of the evening into her mouth.
Katie, as she had with Tall, makes a point of keeping what's left of Stubble in her mouth. Stubble looks a little dazed. Despite the alcohol and the sex and the hot shower and the exhausting nature of such excitement, despite being dressed again, seeing beautiful Katie put the finishing touches on a generous blowjob causes some movement in my shorts.
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